Friday, August 12, 2011

Blink. Blink. Nod.

I think it is time for bed.  I woke up at 5:30 this morning and didn’t go back to sleep until like 7 and then I only slept another hour so that was still kinda like getting up early…hahaha. 

I also spent all day on the move…I keep thinking laundry is caught up and I promise, there is some kind of genie in the dirty clothes hamper that is making the dirty ones multiply.  Seriously!  It’s like the ol meal barrel back in the days of Elisha…or was that Elijah.  I get those two mixed up…but it was like that.  The barrel was never empty.  Only I WANTED it to be.  LOL.  If something around here is going to never run dry, I would rather it be the ice cream…if you know what I mean.  ;-)

The kids and I walked on the treadmill today…that was probably a bad idea since I had so much to do and probably burned more than enough calories just doing laundry without adding torturing myself on the treadmill for 45 minutes.  My back is killing me….and therefore adding to the “blink. blink. nod” feeling…lolol.  I’m seriously tempted to just go grab a pain pill and just go on to bed…of course, it is 10:30 so it’s not really early anyway. 

On that note…please excuse me while I crash. 

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  1. Hope you have a GREAT trip! I'm a little "jealous". I want to be going to the beach too. But I can't be too jealous b/c I will be a week from today! :o)


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