Monday, August 29, 2011


Well, so far this morning I have been up for two hours (reluctantly), packed two lunches, scurried around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, finished filling out medical forms for school, taken four pictures, sent my last baby off to school (now they’re both at school), walked the dogs, looked up printing costs for flyers and envelopes, ate a very nutritional breakfast (okay, so maybe a brownie and dr pepper wouldn’t be classified as nutritional), and now I’m blogging because the blog has been so sadly neglected for a week. LOL. 

BUT, I have to take the Munchkin to an appointment at 10, which means I have to go back to the school and get her around 9:20.  And I have to sit and wait through the appointment but I have no books loaded on my ipod so I need to hurry up and see if I can find some freebies to load up real quick.  That sure makes waiting so much more fun.  =) 

But waiting won’t be fun if I stay here blogging instead of downloading something to read. 

However, before I go, and speaking of books, I highly recommend that book I mentioned in my last post.  It’s called unChristian and it’s very interesting.  I finished it and…wow.  Definitely worth reading.


  1. Would I be able to read it? :) As long as it doesn't have any romance in it! lol, Bleck. I still can't get in to that stuff! :)

  2. Anonymous11:58 PM

    finally found the follow button....visiting you cuz I been wondering how the school event had been going. Oh and anything with Dr Pepper makes it better. just sayin......and merely my own opinion. =) O & follow me too when you get time. XOXO


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