Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I’ll Come Back To This

I can’t think of a title for this post, so I’ll come back to it…but perhaps leaving it would be a much more appropriate title than anything I could come up with…since that seems to be my motto lately.  LOL.  I don’t think I have posted since the pain from those stings finally subsided.  LOL. 

And yes, it DID finally subside.  My poor finger was swollen for around 7 days before it went away completely.  Surprised smile I’m so glad it is gone now.  KC weed-eated yesterday.  I didn’t offer…lol. 

It’s 4:16 on a Wednesday and it will be time for church pretty soon, but since I’ll be gone for most of the evening I figured if a post was going to happen, it better be now. 

We have been a travelling troop the last few weeks.  This last time was a trip to Ohio.  I am so thankful that my parents live nearby now…and not just because they are awesome house and puppy sitters, although I can’t say I’m not loving that part…cause I totally am!  *GRIN*  Anyway, I took a few pictures in Ohio but here’s one that I love:

Growing Old weblg

All My Love by Sweet Digi Scraps
Fonts: Pea Stacy Doodle Script and Pea Sadie from, Stamp Act Jumbled

KC totally cracked me up with the white hair!  And it was a fun trip…mostly.  I won’t even go into the NoT fun part though.  That part only God gets to hear about…lol. 

That makes me think of a quote I saw the other day…

Patience: What parents have when there are witnesses. 



My grandma in NY isn’t doing very well again (although I’m thankful she’s still with us, since they told her over a year ago that she only had a month or two left…she’s 85 and has cancer for the—I think—3rd time).  So I’m going to fly up with dad next week.  KC won’t be going this time, and KC’s mom had already wanted to take the kids that weekend, so he will just have to take care of the doggy-poos.  Hopefully, it will work out well.  Except that he’ll miss the fire out of me, particularly when he has to feed and walk the puppies himself.  He will be all bonded with them when I get back.  hahahaahaha 

K-man just shot me.  With the wordsuckerupinator that he broke and turned into a gun.  That’s what he said. 

In other news, I took two shirts back to the store today and they had a huge clearance sale, so I exchanged the two shirts for six and STILL got three dollars and change back.  I LOVE that!  It’s the little things that make me happy.  =)

Something else that makes me happy??  Pinterest.  It’s like a virtual pinboard where you have an account and you pin stuff on your boards and then when you need to remember that thing you saw online that was really cool and you want to try it…you just go back to your bulletin board.  Isn’t that nifty?  You have to have an invite to join, so if you want to join, holla and I’ll send you an invite…but it’s really neat!  And you can follow friend’s pins and everything…so fun! 




These are just a few of my pins…hahah….some things are just funny, some are things I want to try, some are inspiring…you name it.  Lots of fun! 

And I have an app for my iPod, so muy addicting!  hahaha. 

Well, now I have blathered on for awhile now and it’s time to get ready for church.  Mom, you happy that I’ve posted again now?  =)  This post is dedicated to my mother, who faithfully reads my blog and lovingly nudges me when it gets neglected. Winking smile  LOVE YOU MOMMA!  LOL!

Adios for now!  =)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bless the Lord

Oh my soul….and all that is within me….

Now I just WISH I had nothing to say. 

Dear heavenly Father! 

I can’t talk about most of it, but what I can say….

I didn’t get on here Friday because I really didn’t want to complain.  I still don’t want to complain, so I’ll just gloss over the facts of Friday:

I wanted to do a good deed and weed-eat the yard for my hubby to make his life a little easier this week. 

I weed-ate.  YES.  ME.  Aren’t you so proud?  I cranked up that booger all by myself (okay, so I read the instructions on the handle) and took care of business. 

Right as I was finishing, I found a fun bunch of buddies in the back yard who wore yellow jackets and lived in a hole in the ground and were not happy about me eating weeds there. 

I don’t know how many stings/bites I got, but it was more than 5, and I’m pretty sure the dude that wouldn’t get off my finger no matter how much I flung my hand around got in at least 6 stings/bites because that one was the worst. 

Lucky for me, it was the backyard and no one was around to see me drop the weed-whacker and run into the house discarding clothing as I ran…lol. 

I’m thankful it wasn’t worse, but three days later, my left ring finger is still swollen, throbbing, and stiff.  I’m not complaining, really.  I’m just ready for all these stings/bites to disappear already.  I think I’ve paid enough penance for my good deed.  Winking smile 


Yesterday, I spent the morning with a friend who is taking over the VBS Crafts spot that I vacated this year…lol.  Vacation Bible School you know….not that I quit entirely, just doing a different task because my patience ran out with kids who don’t/won’t listen.  But I’m not a completely horrible friend, because I did tell her I would totally help her shop and get all the stuff ready for it and all…she just gets to be the patient one and deal with the kids.   Teehehe. 

And last night I spent the night with some old gal pals (old as in long time, not old as in age…because they are the same age as me and I refuse to truly get old).  Anyway, I came home this morning (at 12:45…lol).  It was a fun night.  And I have no further comment.  ROFL! 

Today the choir went to sing for Nanny (a seasoned sister at our church who has been unable to get out to church in quite a few weeks now).  I didn’t take pictures while we were there, but as we were leaving, I snapped a couple from my van.  Not great ones because it was totally spur of the moment and candid, but pictures.  IMG_0248ewebIMG_0250ewebBless her heart.  She is one of the sweetest people I know!  She was so glad to see us.  I almost cried and that’s saying a lot.  (And no, it wasn’t cuz my finger was hurting either.  lol)  Her knees are pretty much give out and she said her doctor said he can’t do anything else for her except surgery and even that is not likely to help at her age.  She stays in a lot of pain with them, so if you can, remember her when you pray.  I’m sure she’d appreciate it! 

And my mom was awesome and came to my house and walked my dogs since we couldn’t get back home today because of the booked afternoon.  My parents are great.  (Love you guys! =)

And then some other stuff, no further comment there.

IMG_0254ewebAnd then little guy lost his first tooth tonight!  *boohoo*  He’s growing up on me, too.  First Munchkin and now K-man….*sigh* 

He prayed at bedtime, the usual prayer with a ps.  “oh and please help my tooth to grow back.  Amen.” 


And then I got on facebook…and that’s all I’ll say about THAT. 

My weekend in a nutshell.  =)

And my finger is on fire, so I’m off to find something to cool it down again.  Not complaining…stating facts.  Winking smile

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So Much For…

doing better in July.  LOL.  Oops. 

I doubt it’s gonna get any better unfortunately.  I have had the kids out at the pool for hours and when we’re not in the pool, I’m trying to keep up with housework and running around and laundry and gardening…yada yada.  Not a lot of computer time. 

And I’m running out of things to say.  Never thought THAT would be possible, right?  Need to find my writing mojo. *sigh* 

Saturday, July 02, 2011

I Love My Daddy

He’s so awesome.  He helped me play a great trick on KC this weekend!  ROFL! 

So remember my flooded basement fiasco?  Well, it never got fixed because there was always something more pressing on the to-do list (even though my honey DID buy a new faucet, we just hadn’t got to it yet).  ANYWAY.  My dad came over to go swimming on Friday and I asked him if he would bring his plumbing stuff and help me fix that without mentioning it to KC.  So I did exactly what he told me to do, and marched outside with that granddaddy of a wrench while he held the inside and we pulled it out and he put the new one in and glued it together and I screwed it back in on the outside wall…anyway, long story short, my sweet daddy fixed it….took us about 15 minutes.  YIPPEEE.  SOOO then, I put his toolbox in an inconspicuous location so that the honey wouldn’t notice when he came home. 

Then we went swimming and when KC got home at lunch, I was pretty sure he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary because I had put everything back away.  But just in case, I said, Dad looked at the busted pipe while he was here (lol, HE DID!) and said it would be an easy fix (which was totally true) but I just left out the part where it WAS an easy fix. 


Today, I got up and went to a yardsale in the neighborhood (totally unrelated tidbit of information except I got some really cute stuff for CHEAP and couldn’t resist mentioning it.  hahah) and when I came back, the kids were still in bed, so I told KC I’d stay and he could go ahead and run to the hardware store for the part he needed for the pressure washer.  So he leaves and I get the kids breakfast and all and then I back the van out into the driveway, hook up the hose to the front (ex-busted) faucet, and start washing the car and wait for KC to return. 

Ya’ll know where this is going. 

So KC gets home and gets out of the truck and is like, “hon, did you run that hose from all the way in back?”  And of course, I’m trying to keep a straight face only I’m not sure I’m going to be believably successful at it, so I make this shocked “OH NO” face and drop the hose and take off running in the house like I’m going to check the basement.  And the look on his face as I was running away….PRICELESS!   


When he got down to the room that flooded last time, I’m standing in the middle of the room looking up at the ceiling…and I go…”Huh.  It’s not leaking.  OHHHHH THAT’S RIGHT….Me and dad fixed it!” 

OHHHH he got mad (but he got over it…lol).  I was dying laughing though!  And then I called dad to tell him how our trick worked.  It was so great.  I wish I’d been able to video his reaction when I took off running like I’d forgotten that the faucet was broken.  LOL! 

I’m so bad. 

It was great.  Winking smile 

So now we have a working faucet and yes, I washed the car today.  And a huge thank you to my sweet daddy for making the car washing possible.  =) =)