Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Been a wild week for this chick.  I’ve had a friend over every day so far for all kinds of things.  Swimming, scrapbooking, playing with our cameras….and so on…which is LOTS of fun, but doesn’t equal much computer time (or cleaning house, but we won’t mention that part…lol).  Tomorrow will be my catchup….

But tonight I was going through the pictures we were playing around and taking yesterday…here’s one of me and my monsters.  Photography by Jules Photography and edited by yours truly. ;-)


IMG_6151webAnd I seriously don’t know what Jules did here but this picture is crazy funky.  LOL.  I’m pretty sure she probably couldn’t get this exact picture ever again, because I’m sure if I had taken it, I would never be able to do it a second time either.  LOL.  I look kinda ghostly.  This is me haunting my kids in the future.  HAHA!  JUST KIDDING. 

We took lots of pictures of each other on her new backdrop and then K-man showed up and we stuck him on it and just snapped for awhile…haha…none of us were dressed for photos (oops-haha).  Oh WELL.  I’ll come back and post the ones I took when I get another chance.  It was fun though, and her new backdrop is KILLER.  I’m gonna have to get one of those, too!  =) 

Here’s a couple that she took of me that strangely enough, despite not being at all prepared for taking pictures of each other, I kinda liked.  LOL.  And not saying it was strange because it was her photography, just strange because I generally hate my picture.  lol. 


And this one was when we decided to get goofy….hahaha….yes…US…GOOFY!  IMAGINE!!  Haaaahahaha! 


All the pics in this post were taken by Jules Photography and edited by me.  =) 

Next time: pictures OF Jules by ME.  hahaha. 

Gotta run…it’s getting late already.  =( 


  1. Nice pics! I'll have to check that photographer out and set up a session! LOL. On the other hand, I don't want to make the girl that does them now mad, so I better not. hehehe. :o)

    I need to edit a few and post too. Had fun girl! Thanks so much for the fun times. ;o)

    Oh, and should I be "scared" with your last comment? You know me, better bind the lens than in front. haha.

  2. Oh I love your dogs!! They are so cute. Great pics! Looks like senior photo time. Lol Just kidding.

  3. Aunt Carol9:08 AM

    Love the pics - especially the last one with the hat and sunglasses! You should be a model. Miss you.

  4. Anonymous11:40 PM

    your cracking me up pretty good girl and just had to say it is always enlightening coming in here occasionally and seeing what your up too. Glad it is not regular, for I don't think there are enough Depends in my house for more then that. LOL


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