Friday, June 10, 2011

A Night Late

But better late than never, right?  =)  Here’s those pics of the K-man on the killer backdrop.  Now I wish I had taken time and put clothes on us that were more appropriate for a photo shoot…haha.  Please excuse his favorite Spiderman shirt and not really matching sweatpants…he was comfortable…even if the outfit didn’t really go with the backdrop.  haha. 


And mostly a good sport, too!  =) 

And here’s a random picture of him in the pool.  Just for kicks.  LOL.  Don’t you love his pink pool floatie?  Oh yeah…I photoshopped it…never mind.  hahaha. 


Anyway…we are brown indians now…yesterday was the only day we weren’t in the pool this week.

Yesterday I ran around in circles…felt like I was chasing my tail.  Ever have those days?  I cleaned up one thing and in the middle of it, saw something else and picked it up and took it to another room and saw something else to clean.  So then I went to get the cleaner and remembered the laundry was still waiting to be put in the washer so I stopped to do that and then picked up the cleaner and couldn’t remember what I was heading to clean, so I put it away and then…………well, you get the picture.  Basically everything you’re NOT supposed to do when you’re cleaning. 

Today was better.  I didn’t do anything except sleep in and then go to the pool.  Except then the bus ran ten minutes early so I wasn’t up at the road waiting on it (not that I would have remembered anyways since I didn’t realize it was that close to school dismissal time…).  But the good news is I was outside by the pool so I heard the brakes on the bus and quickly ran dripping up the hill to watch Munchkin walk home.  LOL.  So that wasn’t better.  And ah, yes, and she didn’t stop talking all afternoon….oh boy, is it going to be a LONNNNG summer.  Lord love her…*sigh*  But ANYWAY!

Okeydokey…I’m going to bed now.  Night.  =)

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  1. Great photos. Hey I have a questions for you. I am just starting to really get serious about photography but having problems editing. How do you get a shot to get the feel of the 5th picture down. I love the brightness of it. I see a lot of photos edited that way and I can't seem to get that feel. I have so much to learn.


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