Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Lieu…

Of a post in which I tell about my busy (albeit probably boring to anyone else) life, how bout I just share this really cool sale:


And here’s a layout I made using Cara’s newest kit called Sweet Summertime…go go go…50% off is a GREAT DEAL!

(PS: Oops, I just realized this newest kit is not officially released until tomorrow…but since most of you won’t read this till tomorrow anyway, I’m going to go ahead and leave it up…lol.  =)

my wish web lg

Template: All About Hope #1 by Lilly Lane Market
Kit: Sweet Summertime by Sweet Tomato Designs
Fonts: Mufferaw, Pea Stacy Doodle Script by
Photo Action: Heartland by Pioneer Woman

And here’s a little tidbit from my busy (albeit boring) life: Swimming lessons for K-man were a dismal failure.  He sat on the side of the pool or stood in the water the whole time and the “teachers” didn’t teach and the kid didn’t swim.  I’m not sure who was more at fault but we’re not going back tomorrow.  GRRRR.  I had to control my temper today.  I will teach the kid to swim myself in our own pool.  FOR FREE.  If I’d had swimming clothes on today, I would have jumped in the pool and started actually working with the group of kids myself so they could leave and actually be a little closer to learning how to swim.  GAHHHH.  Dear heavenly father…perhaps I shouldn’t talk about it…I’m getting het up again.  Sad smile 

On a completely random note, the Munchkin is out of state for a week with Mawmaw and it’s very quiet here.  Another completely random note: the K-man has gotten hooked on ol’ Tom and Jerry.  I LOVE Tom and Jerry.  WHY don’t they make cartoons like THAT anymore? 

Another completely random tidbit: it’s past K-man’s bedtime so I need to go away now and put him to bed.  =)

See ya’ll. =) 

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