Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hey, hey!

Look…I did it…I came back within a day.  LOL!  Laughed at some of the comments on the last post…yes, they do have that “senior pic” feel…we were playing with the posing on the backdrop to see if it would work well for those types of pictures.  Unfortunately, I am more close to the wrinkled senior type now, than the fresh out of school senior…thank you, dear forehead squint lines…hahaha. 

Anyway, here’s the ones I took and edited of my friend.  Meet the Jules of Jules Photography:  ;-)

IMG_9966ewebThis one is my favorite I think.

IMG_6139ewebBut this one looks really moody and I kinda like it even though she isn’t smiling.  LOL!


I like this one, too though.  What do you think, Jules…did I pick the ones you picked or did you like different ones? 

Anyway.  It was fun and I’m pretty sure the verdict on the new backdrop is: AWESOME!  At least that’s MY verdict. 


Maybe I’ll stay on this little roll, and come back later tonight with a few that I took of K-man while he was being our little sample model.  haha. 


  1. I think the last one is my favorite from the ones you posted. The first one is good too...but would be better if I got rid of the double chin. lol. :oP And the middle moody one...I kind of like that one too. haha. :o) "You did real good, like!" (Said in my best Southern accent.)

  2. I love the backdrop and the senior pic feel. Lol


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