Saturday, June 04, 2011


I am NAUGHTY.  In so many different ways…lol.  Like how I haven’t blogged in….um…I’ve lost track. 

And we will stop there with my naughty list.  LOL. 

I really want a Dr. Pepper.  I might as well give in…you know…while I’m being so naughty.  Winking smile  Except…I’m not in the mood to climb the stairs to get one. 

Anyway, yes, I’ve been gone.  I’ve been kinda, just a little bit….uh…busy.  The pool guys finally came and installed our pool liner.  We spent a week filling it up.  I cleaned out a bunch of landscaping where the patio is going to eventually be.  We’ve been swimming.  Munchkin has only a week of school left.  I decided to rearrange rooms and of course, it would be too easy to swap rooms on the same level, it is way more fun to climb two flights of stairs with the contents of each room.  I’m a third finished.  The one third being the contents of one room is moved up two flights.  The second third is painting the two rooms, and the third third (lol) is moving the other room down the two flights.  Who needs a gym and stairstepper?  LOL.  My garden grew wayyyyy out of its box and I can’t figure out how to make it stop growing already and just start producing some FRUIT!  We cleaned all the bushes growing through the fence around the pool…that was a job.  Went to Winston for a friend’s high school graduation.  Birthday party and graduation reception today, and installed a roof vent/fan to try to lower the electric cost of this house (well, actually, KC installed it…I just stood on the deck and wrung my hands and prayed he wouldn’t slide off…being that we have a three story house and he was on top of it, FunIntheSun weblgit would have been ugly).  I could SO keep going.  Summer is in with a BANG. 

Oh yes, and I joined another creative team…probably shouldn’t have, but it was irresistible…Sweet Digi Scraps has some really funky kits that are just my flavor.   Here’s one I did with her new kit that released today:

Kit: Taste of Summer
Font: frazzled

Sooooo.  Anyway.  Just a little bit of why I haven’t blogged in awhile.  I’ll try to do better, but I make no promises.  That way I won’t be naughty (again) and break them.  ;-) lol



  1. Welcome back to blog-land! If no one else has, I have missed your posts. But it's no wonder your busy! Btwn. two kids and two teams and two dogs...and one hubby, well that's enough to make any one body go crazy. lol! J/k. I think. ;o)

  2. Glad you're back! I love reading them. It's so funny because I can hear your voice as I read! LOL


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