Thursday, June 30, 2011


I don’t remember when I last posted.  That is bad.  I am not getting any better at this.  But I’m still posting…even if it’s sporadic, which is more than I can say for…ahem…well…anyway.

I’ll do better in July.  =)  I think I’m going to try this 30 day photo challenge and try to post more frequently that way…

anyway…it’s not like the usual photo hunt style, but just to keep me on my toes…=) 

Like I need anything else to keep me on my toes.  I feel like I’m hopping all the time…I really need to go back and see what I said last because I don’t remember.  And I sure don’t want to repeat myself.  That would be dreadful. 

sweet weblgOh yes, so Munchkin’s back from her week away.  It ended up being a little over a week but who’s counting?  LOL.  It was so nice to see her scowling face again.  LOL.  Just kidding…she only scowls when I have a camera out. 

(Kit: Love Is by Pixel Perfect Designs
Font: Pea Sadie by

My sisters (the ones I picked, because God didn’t give me any…lol) and I have been getting together once a week on Thursday afternoons and all our kids play (okay, we moms play, too, but we won’t go there…lol).  ANYWAY.  K-man has been paranoid of the deep end for weeks (even though he’s technically swimming now and can, within reason, stay afloat out there and get from one end to the other) and today the peer pressure got to him.  The older kids just jump in and go, no floaties, nothing…so now that’s what he does. I had to actually get onto him for jumping in the deep end after I’d told him to stay out of the deep end unless he had a floatie on since all the adults were on the other side of the pool.  I mean, he swam across and was fine, but I just worry about him panicking and running out of energy without someone nearby “just in case” since he’s a fairly new swimmer.  But three weeks ago, I could barely convince him to get in the deep end WITH a float.  LOL.  Oh yeah…and that’s without swim lessons…that’s just me working with him every time we get in the pool.  Teehehe.

Well anyway.

Today was lovely…sister therapy is great.  Tomorrow my dad’s coming over and hanging out for a bit and then I’m not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow evening.  I probably need to go grocery shopping…I have lots of food that the Munchkin and I like (you know…yummy stuff like rice and beans…lol) and not so much that the hubby and the K-man will eat.  My life is so exciting.  I should write notes to myself when I think of something I should blog about because the only things I remember when I come back and write later…well, they make my life sound so boring.  Or maybe it is boring and I’m just now realizing it.  ;-)

On that happy note…goodnight.  =)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Lieu…

Of a post in which I tell about my busy (albeit probably boring to anyone else) life, how bout I just share this really cool sale:


And here’s a layout I made using Cara’s newest kit called Sweet Summertime…go go go…50% off is a GREAT DEAL!

(PS: Oops, I just realized this newest kit is not officially released until tomorrow…but since most of you won’t read this till tomorrow anyway, I’m going to go ahead and leave it up…lol.  =)

my wish web lg

Template: All About Hope #1 by Lilly Lane Market
Kit: Sweet Summertime by Sweet Tomato Designs
Fonts: Mufferaw, Pea Stacy Doodle Script by
Photo Action: Heartland by Pioneer Woman

And here’s a little tidbit from my busy (albeit boring) life: Swimming lessons for K-man were a dismal failure.  He sat on the side of the pool or stood in the water the whole time and the “teachers” didn’t teach and the kid didn’t swim.  I’m not sure who was more at fault but we’re not going back tomorrow.  GRRRR.  I had to control my temper today.  I will teach the kid to swim myself in our own pool.  FOR FREE.  If I’d had swimming clothes on today, I would have jumped in the pool and started actually working with the group of kids myself so they could leave and actually be a little closer to learning how to swim.  GAHHHH.  Dear heavenly father…perhaps I shouldn’t talk about it…I’m getting het up again.  Sad smile 

On a completely random note, the Munchkin is out of state for a week with Mawmaw and it’s very quiet here.  Another completely random note: the K-man has gotten hooked on ol’ Tom and Jerry.  I LOVE Tom and Jerry.  WHY don’t they make cartoons like THAT anymore? 

Another completely random tidbit: it’s past K-man’s bedtime so I need to go away now and put him to bed.  =)

See ya’ll. =) 

Sunday, June 19, 2011



And that has been the story of my life for the last couple of days.  Feels like my eyelids and sinuses are about three times larger than normal.  It’s the strangest thing though…I walk by the mirror and they don’t LOOK like they’re three times larger than normal.  LOL

I took one of those fizzy alkaseltzer cold and sinus packs last night around 10:30 and it knocked me OUT.  KC woke me up this morning for church and I tried to get up.  I did crawl out of bed long enough to look at the shower and moan and then go back to bed.  LOL  It was like I was in this horrible fog and my eyes wouldn’t stay open.  I did keep them open long enough to get the dogs walked and the kids dressed and fed but as soon as KC left I went back to bed and slept til noon.  And then I got up and showered in time to meet my dad for lunch for fathers day and came back home and went BACK to bed and slept til time to get up for church again.  Most of the fuzziness in my brain was gone by then…I just don’t know how I could sleep that much and still be tired. 

I really have no other news….it’s been busy but I haven’t felt like saying much lately…lol.  Still don’t really, but I figured I’d better get on here and say something or else be guilty of falling into that slacker blogger category that seems to be taking over the blogosphere.  haha.  =) 

Anyway…later.  =)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Handyman Honey

IMG_9961ewebLast Saturday…we went looking for yards on sale (lol) and then when we got back, we had to work around the house for a little while before going to our afternoon of parties. 

It was hot.  It was especially hot for poor KC up on the roof up there.  And I (standing on the deck underneath him waiting for him to need something and wringing my hands and worrying that he was going to fall off) was cooking but IMG_9960ewebcouldn’t complain because it was about 4 times hotter up on the roof and I wasn’t even doing anything strenuous like putting in an attic vent. 

So then I climbed up on the roof to take a picture of him.  I am so not a sissy…but I didn’t like it up there.  We kinda have a tall house.  But he did good…got it in and working like a charm.  That’s my honey. 

And oh…PW’s MM has nothin on my baby. ;-) WHEW!  Be still, my heart!!!!! ;-)


Mmmmm hmmmmm!  Okay…that’s it.  That’s all I wanted to say.  ;-)

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Night Late

But better late than never, right?  =)  Here’s those pics of the K-man on the killer backdrop.  Now I wish I had taken time and put clothes on us that were more appropriate for a photo shoot…haha.  Please excuse his favorite Spiderman shirt and not really matching sweatpants…he was comfortable…even if the outfit didn’t really go with the backdrop.  haha. 


And mostly a good sport, too!  =) 

And here’s a random picture of him in the pool.  Just for kicks.  LOL.  Don’t you love his pink pool floatie?  Oh yeah…I photoshopped it…never mind.  hahaha. 


Anyway…we are brown indians now…yesterday was the only day we weren’t in the pool this week.

Yesterday I ran around in circles…felt like I was chasing my tail.  Ever have those days?  I cleaned up one thing and in the middle of it, saw something else and picked it up and took it to another room and saw something else to clean.  So then I went to get the cleaner and remembered the laundry was still waiting to be put in the washer so I stopped to do that and then picked up the cleaner and couldn’t remember what I was heading to clean, so I put it away and then…………well, you get the picture.  Basically everything you’re NOT supposed to do when you’re cleaning. 

Today was better.  I didn’t do anything except sleep in and then go to the pool.  Except then the bus ran ten minutes early so I wasn’t up at the road waiting on it (not that I would have remembered anyways since I didn’t realize it was that close to school dismissal time…).  But the good news is I was outside by the pool so I heard the brakes on the bus and quickly ran dripping up the hill to watch Munchkin walk home.  LOL.  So that wasn’t better.  And ah, yes, and she didn’t stop talking all afternoon….oh boy, is it going to be a LONNNNG summer.  Lord love her…*sigh*  But ANYWAY!

Okeydokey…I’m going to bed now.  Night.  =)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hey, hey!

Look…I did it…I came back within a day.  LOL!  Laughed at some of the comments on the last post…yes, they do have that “senior pic” feel…we were playing with the posing on the backdrop to see if it would work well for those types of pictures.  Unfortunately, I am more close to the wrinkled senior type now, than the fresh out of school senior…thank you, dear forehead squint lines…hahaha. 

Anyway, here’s the ones I took and edited of my friend.  Meet the Jules of Jules Photography:  ;-)

IMG_9966ewebThis one is my favorite I think.

IMG_6139ewebBut this one looks really moody and I kinda like it even though she isn’t smiling.  LOL!


I like this one, too though.  What do you think, Jules…did I pick the ones you picked or did you like different ones? 

Anyway.  It was fun and I’m pretty sure the verdict on the new backdrop is: AWESOME!  At least that’s MY verdict. 


Maybe I’ll stay on this little roll, and come back later tonight with a few that I took of K-man while he was being our little sample model.  haha. 

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Been a wild week for this chick.  I’ve had a friend over every day so far for all kinds of things.  Swimming, scrapbooking, playing with our cameras….and so on…which is LOTS of fun, but doesn’t equal much computer time (or cleaning house, but we won’t mention that part…lol).  Tomorrow will be my catchup….

But tonight I was going through the pictures we were playing around and taking yesterday…here’s one of me and my monsters.  Photography by Jules Photography and edited by yours truly. ;-)


IMG_6151webAnd I seriously don’t know what Jules did here but this picture is crazy funky.  LOL.  I’m pretty sure she probably couldn’t get this exact picture ever again, because I’m sure if I had taken it, I would never be able to do it a second time either.  LOL.  I look kinda ghostly.  This is me haunting my kids in the future.  HAHA!  JUST KIDDING. 

We took lots of pictures of each other on her new backdrop and then K-man showed up and we stuck him on it and just snapped for awhile…haha…none of us were dressed for photos (oops-haha).  Oh WELL.  I’ll come back and post the ones I took when I get another chance.  It was fun though, and her new backdrop is KILLER.  I’m gonna have to get one of those, too!  =) 

Here’s a couple that she took of me that strangely enough, despite not being at all prepared for taking pictures of each other, I kinda liked.  LOL.  And not saying it was strange because it was her photography, just strange because I generally hate my picture.  lol. 


And this one was when we decided to get goofy….hahaha….yes…US…GOOFY!  IMAGINE!!  Haaaahahaha! 


All the pics in this post were taken by Jules Photography and edited by me.  =) 

Next time: pictures OF Jules by ME.  hahaha. 

Gotta run…it’s getting late already.  =( 

Saturday, June 04, 2011


I am NAUGHTY.  In so many different ways…lol.  Like how I haven’t blogged in….um…I’ve lost track. 

And we will stop there with my naughty list.  LOL. 

I really want a Dr. Pepper.  I might as well give in…you know…while I’m being so naughty.  Winking smile  Except…I’m not in the mood to climb the stairs to get one. 

Anyway, yes, I’ve been gone.  I’ve been kinda, just a little bit….uh…busy.  The pool guys finally came and installed our pool liner.  We spent a week filling it up.  I cleaned out a bunch of landscaping where the patio is going to eventually be.  We’ve been swimming.  Munchkin has only a week of school left.  I decided to rearrange rooms and of course, it would be too easy to swap rooms on the same level, it is way more fun to climb two flights of stairs with the contents of each room.  I’m a third finished.  The one third being the contents of one room is moved up two flights.  The second third is painting the two rooms, and the third third (lol) is moving the other room down the two flights.  Who needs a gym and stairstepper?  LOL.  My garden grew wayyyyy out of its box and I can’t figure out how to make it stop growing already and just start producing some FRUIT!  We cleaned all the bushes growing through the fence around the pool…that was a job.  Went to Winston for a friend’s high school graduation.  Birthday party and graduation reception today, and installed a roof vent/fan to try to lower the electric cost of this house (well, actually, KC installed it…I just stood on the deck and wrung my hands and prayed he wouldn’t slide off…being that we have a three story house and he was on top of it, FunIntheSun weblgit would have been ugly).  I could SO keep going.  Summer is in with a BANG. 

Oh yes, and I joined another creative team…probably shouldn’t have, but it was irresistible…Sweet Digi Scraps has some really funky kits that are just my flavor.   Here’s one I did with her new kit that released today:

Kit: Taste of Summer
Font: frazzled

Sooooo.  Anyway.  Just a little bit of why I haven’t blogged in awhile.  I’ll try to do better, but I make no promises.  That way I won’t be naughty (again) and break them.  ;-) lol