Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guess What Day It Is…

Not Wednesday, but in case you didn’t notice, Wednesday is almost here—aGAIN!!  As K-man so stated the other day, “Dear Heavenly FATH-er!”  LOL.  And that’s what I did, too…to which he replied, “I told you to stop laughing at me! Don’t do it a-GAIN!”  (He likes to accent random parts of the words.) 

ANYWAY!  May is over half gone and I’ve blogged twice.  Is that awful or what?! 

I actually have a good reason this week…we went to Ohio last Thursday through Sunday and I didn’t take my computer so no internet access to speak of…and then yesterday was unpacking and laundry a-GAIN!  LOL. 

This morning was errands and running around…needed an oil change, well-check for the K-man, yada yada, so I need to get busy on the house now but wanted to check in before it got to be another hump day and then another downhill slide from there….*grin* 

Here’s a little bit of our trip (with some of my old memories thrown in) and I’ll try to get more of the trip posted before the weekend.  =)   

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Our family of four went to Ohio last weekend and the first night there, we stayed with my childhood best friend and her family of five.  We had a great visit (as always) and then it was time to put our three girls and two boys to bed.  When we tucked the three girls into her girls' bed, I had almost instant flashbacks. 

That was totally us!  Her mom had two girls and a boy, my mom had a girl and a boy.  I was pretty close in age to my best friend and her sister was younger but we all did everything together.  I remember sleeping in the middle of the two of them MANY times.  We stayed up for hours past our bedtime, giggling and talking, long after everyone else was in bed.  And eventually, we'd fall asleep.  And then we'd wake up the next morning to go find more trouble to get into. 

As I walked past their door to get something from the room that KC and I were staying in, I looked in and saw them trying to stay quiet while they were trying not to break the staying in bed rule by doing all kinds of gymnastics and hanging onto each others legs to pick up something off the floor without getting out of bed, I couldn't get mad.  Even though it was midnight and all of them should have been asleep hours before, I just couldn't get mad.  I shushed them just like our moms did to us, and then I smiled, waited for them to finally fall asleep, and then ran to get my camera -- and my ol' pal, who came in and told me to climb up on the bookshelf to get the best shot...  just like old times!

5 / 12 / 2011

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  1. Yep, busy is a common word around here too. I sometimes wonder what boredom would be like?

    Enjoyed reading about your flashback. Such fond memories. Great LO too!


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