Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And Again…

I blinked and it’s almost Wednesday again.  *googly eyes*

IMG_9806ewebSo we went camping with some folks from church over the weekend…it was supposed to be the “big church camping trip” that we do every year, but because we’ve had to postpone it so many times, we just figured it would be what it would be and whoever could make it would make it.  So it was just three families.  I wasn’t mad about it.  LOL…especially since it was three families that I don’t have to have distance from in order to love them….ROFL.  Sorry…I know, I’m bad.  IMG_9804eweb

Anyway, the site we ended up with was absolutely picturesque and I got a ton of good shots…other than freezing our stinkin tails off on Friday night, it was pretty fun!  LOL…Saturday night we wised up and stayed all day but then packed up at 8:30 and came home to our beds to sleep.  34 degrees on Friday night.  And all I had were some comforters and blankets.  The DOGS were shivering.  It was SO cold. IMG_9814eweb

KC got up at 2am and went to Wally World to get one of those little heater fan things and plugged it into the extension cord and stuck it in the door to the the tent.  It didn’t make it comfortable by any means, but it did take a little of the shivering away.  LOL.  When you’re dead tired and you can’t sleep because you’re so cold…it’s cold.  LOL. 

IMG_9817ewebBut the rest of the trip was pretty fun…we tried to show the kids how to fish…let’s just say I could have guessed they IMG_9803ewebwouldn’t have the patience for it.  I don’t have the patience for it and chicken liver is nasty.  LOL.  K-man had much more fun walking around with his “fishing stick” and catching leaves.  Oh well.  He pretty much had a stick in his hand the entire weekend…it was a gun, a sword, a light saber, a fishing pole, and who knows what else.  He can definitely occupy himself, that’s for sure! 

We took our bikes but K-man’s had a dead tire so his was out of IMG_9805ewebcommission all weekend.  Munchkin rode around with the other little girl that was there, and KC and I only rode our bikes when it was time to go to the shower house.  LOL.  There was this bike trail but I didn’t feel like trying to get the kids on it…even though it looked like fun.  Some things you’re just limited on when you have kids…

It looked cool going across the meadow though, so I DID take a picture…lol.

Here are a couple of other ones:


Then there’s another one of K-man with his never ending supply of sticks:

IMG_9819ewebIMG_9823ewebThis one was just too sweet to pass up….K-man and KC sitting next to each other…awwww….

And then this next one, I thought was BK and TV when I snapped it and then last night when I was editing it, I realized it wasn’t.  LOL.  Still sweet though.  I won’t say who it is.  Winking smile


This is funny though: see the three kids? 


They’re walking up this hill:  See those three dots in the middle of the hill in that area of grass that is a little darker green?  LOL.  This was a LONNNNNNGGG hill. 



And then this was the campfire before we left on Saturday night.  We did s’mores…and some campfire pies in the grilled cheese makers.  =)  Yum. 

I am just now getting all the laundry and cleaning up done from this trip.  How is it that camping is supposed to be relaxing and is really just a TON of work?  Haha.  Oh well.  =) 

Anyway…I’ve got to get moving.  I might be back before next Wednesday….haha. 


  1. ugh. Why didn't you at least TRY to take a different picture of me?! lol. jk. kinda. tee-hee-hee! It was fun despite the cold! Brrrr!

  2. Wow, that is really beautiful! Where was that campground at? Your pictures are great! Glad you had a good time despite the cold. :o)


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