Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Bambi and…Thumper?  IMG_9897eweb

They were in my backyard the other day.  I went downstairs to walk the puppies the other morning and looked out the big window, there was this girl and then a couple seconds later, hippity hop hopping across the yard, comes little bunny and stopped right behind bambi there to eat grass. 

They stayed there forever so I went to get my camera and when I stepped out the door they heard K-man hollering and got that deer in the headlights look and then turned and moseyed back into the woods….and then I realized….bambi and thumper had another friend…see that other one over there on the left?

K-man was all ecstatic about the deer in the backyard.  Let’s call daddy and tell him about the deer!  And the rabbit, let’s call him, please, let me call him!  HAH.

So when Daddy called at lunchtime, K-man was falling all over himself to answer the phone and tell daddy all about it.  LOL! 

Totally made his morning!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Newsy News

WELL.  For starters, I am back before another weekend passes.  HA! 

Secondly, I have more pictures from last weekend.  I didn’t forget!  LOL. 

I did a speed scrap last night and put a few of the pics from last weekend’s trip on it…

swingtime weblg

Turned out pretty neat, I think…I used Raspberry Limeade by Sweet Tomato Designs and speaking of Sweet Tomato Designs, she’s got some news for you….

Check her blog for more details.  Awesome deal if you catch it tomorrow and Sunday! 

And that’s it.  Yep.  That’ll do it.  Savvy?  LOL

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guess What Day It Is…

Not Wednesday, but in case you didn’t notice, Wednesday is almost here—aGAIN!!  As K-man so stated the other day, “Dear Heavenly FATH-er!”  LOL.  And that’s what I did, too…to which he replied, “I told you to stop laughing at me! Don’t do it a-GAIN!”  (He likes to accent random parts of the words.) 

ANYWAY!  May is over half gone and I’ve blogged twice.  Is that awful or what?! 

I actually have a good reason this week…we went to Ohio last Thursday through Sunday and I didn’t take my computer so no internet access to speak of…and then yesterday was unpacking and laundry a-GAIN!  LOL. 

This morning was errands and running around…needed an oil change, well-check for the K-man, yada yada, so I need to get busy on the house now but wanted to check in before it got to be another hump day and then another downhill slide from there….*grin* 

Here’s a little bit of our trip (with some of my old memories thrown in) and I’ll try to get more of the trip posted before the weekend.  =)   

TCS - Flashback weblg

Layout credits:
Cut It Out by Tree City Studios
In This Moment by Tree City Studios
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Our family of four went to Ohio last weekend and the first night there, we stayed with my childhood best friend and her family of five.  We had a great visit (as always) and then it was time to put our three girls and two boys to bed.  When we tucked the three girls into her girls' bed, I had almost instant flashbacks. 

That was totally us!  Her mom had two girls and a boy, my mom had a girl and a boy.  I was pretty close in age to my best friend and her sister was younger but we all did everything together.  I remember sleeping in the middle of the two of them MANY times.  We stayed up for hours past our bedtime, giggling and talking, long after everyone else was in bed.  And eventually, we'd fall asleep.  And then we'd wake up the next morning to go find more trouble to get into. 

As I walked past their door to get something from the room that KC and I were staying in, I looked in and saw them trying to stay quiet while they were trying not to break the staying in bed rule by doing all kinds of gymnastics and hanging onto each others legs to pick up something off the floor without getting out of bed, I couldn't get mad.  Even though it was midnight and all of them should have been asleep hours before, I just couldn't get mad.  I shushed them just like our moms did to us, and then I smiled, waited for them to finally fall asleep, and then ran to get my camera -- and my ol' pal, who came in and told me to climb up on the bookshelf to get the best shot...  just like old times!

5 / 12 / 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And Again…

I blinked and it’s almost Wednesday again.  *googly eyes*

IMG_9806ewebSo we went camping with some folks from church over the weekend…it was supposed to be the “big church camping trip” that we do every year, but because we’ve had to postpone it so many times, we just figured it would be what it would be and whoever could make it would make it.  So it was just three families.  I wasn’t mad about it.  LOL…especially since it was three families that I don’t have to have distance from in order to love them….ROFL.  Sorry…I know, I’m bad.  IMG_9804eweb

Anyway, the site we ended up with was absolutely picturesque and I got a ton of good shots…other than freezing our stinkin tails off on Friday night, it was pretty fun!  LOL…Saturday night we wised up and stayed all day but then packed up at 8:30 and came home to our beds to sleep.  34 degrees on Friday night.  And all I had were some comforters and blankets.  The DOGS were shivering.  It was SO cold. IMG_9814eweb

KC got up at 2am and went to Wally World to get one of those little heater fan things and plugged it into the extension cord and stuck it in the door to the the tent.  It didn’t make it comfortable by any means, but it did take a little of the shivering away.  LOL.  When you’re dead tired and you can’t sleep because you’re so cold…it’s cold.  LOL. 

IMG_9817ewebBut the rest of the trip was pretty fun…we tried to show the kids how to fish…let’s just say I could have guessed they IMG_9803ewebwouldn’t have the patience for it.  I don’t have the patience for it and chicken liver is nasty.  LOL.  K-man had much more fun walking around with his “fishing stick” and catching leaves.  Oh well.  He pretty much had a stick in his hand the entire weekend…it was a gun, a sword, a light saber, a fishing pole, and who knows what else.  He can definitely occupy himself, that’s for sure! 

We took our bikes but K-man’s had a dead tire so his was out of IMG_9805ewebcommission all weekend.  Munchkin rode around with the other little girl that was there, and KC and I only rode our bikes when it was time to go to the shower house.  LOL.  There was this bike trail but I didn’t feel like trying to get the kids on it…even though it looked like fun.  Some things you’re just limited on when you have kids…

It looked cool going across the meadow though, so I DID take a picture…lol.

Here are a couple of other ones:


Then there’s another one of K-man with his never ending supply of sticks:

IMG_9819ewebIMG_9823ewebThis one was just too sweet to pass up….K-man and KC sitting next to each other…awwww….

And then this next one, I thought was BK and TV when I snapped it and then last night when I was editing it, I realized it wasn’t.  LOL.  Still sweet though.  I won’t say who it is.  Winking smile


This is funny though: see the three kids? 


They’re walking up this hill:  See those three dots in the middle of the hill in that area of grass that is a little darker green?  LOL.  This was a LONNNNNNGGG hill. 



And then this was the campfire before we left on Saturday night.  We did s’mores…and some campfire pies in the grilled cheese makers.  =)  Yum. 

I am just now getting all the laundry and cleaning up done from this trip.  How is it that camping is supposed to be relaxing and is really just a TON of work?  Haha.  Oh well.  =) 

Anyway…I’ve got to get moving.  I might be back before next Wednesday….haha. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Good Night

I just posted…how is it that it’s been like five days already?  And it’s not like I’ve been that busy for the last few days either…for a change.  Haha. 

I have actually had some kinda lazy days for the last couple days…haven’t done much besides hang around the house and do laundry (hello, time to save some gas) and would you believe I’m still tired?  I take vitamins (half the time).  KC says maybe I should start exercising…I probably could go down and walk on the treadmill for awhile…but I’m never ever ever ever ever…did I say EVER? in the mood….lol.  Perhaps that’s my problem.  Anyway. 

I have lots of problems.  Most of them human.  And when it’s not the human in ME, it’s the human in the people around me.  Sometimes both. 

Something that has been on my mind lately is that people get offended way too easily.  Offense can mean several different things but the definition I’m thinking of means the state of being insulted or morally outraged.  And to offend, by definition, to cause to feel vexation or resentment usually by violation of what is proper or fitting. 

I think the issue falls in that people are insulted or morally outraged by their definition of a violation of what is proper or fitting.  In some senses, I get offended easily.  If I know someone is flat out lying to me, with the intent to mislead, that’s rather offensive.  But I think the difference is, in most cases, the things people are getting insulted over are just THEIR OPINION of what is a violation of morals. 

Oooh, person X was in place Y the other day and I’m SO OFFENDED by that…that couldn’t possibly be something a TRUE Christian would do…I’m going to tell them how much their actions offended me.  Or…person Z wore a shirt that was SO low I could see her collarbone….I am SOO offended.  Or…person A said such and such and I think he REALLY meant this and this and we need to have a meeting so we can work this out.  Or even, person B does this activity that I totally disagree with so I’m not going to say anything but I’m not going to be friends with them anymore…. 

I wish I were exaggerating but people really do get their knickers in a knot over their own convictions of moral truth. 

So you don’t do X, Y, or Z…that’s perfectly fine.

I just don’t see the point in taking everyone to task over every little thing that you don’t agree with that you decide offends you.  All that does is make people feel like they have to walk on eggshells around you or face (yet another) meeting or discussion.  Garruhmph.  THAT bothers me.  I hate feeling like I have to walk on eggshells…consequently I have some people that I avoid like the plague.  KC calls them EGRs (extra grace required)…I try not to call them anything at all because I like to stay out of calling range.  That probably offends them, too.  LOL.  It’s kind of funny, but I guess you could say that I get offended by people who get over-offended.  Teeehehe.  LOL.  I love everybody, it’s just that some of those bodies, I have to love from a distance.  For the safety and well-being of everyone involved…lol  =)  Is that bad?  If it is, just pray for me, okay?

PerfectPicture weblgHere, let’s change the subject before I offend someone…lol…look at these cute kids….can’t get offended over that, right? 

This is that kit I mentioned in my last post…the one that goes along with my new theme.  Raspberry Limeade…mmmm…makes me thirsty!  Such a yummy kit! 

And cute kids…did I mention they were cute?  Even when they’re being difficult on camera.  LOL!  IMG_9750Munchkin has this thing anymore where she puts on this weird pouty/grouchy face like she’s trying to be a grownup or something…ugh…see what I mean?!

And K-man…well, he likes to smile with his eyes shut.  And then as soon as you snap the picture, his eyes fly open, “lemme see the picture, momma!”  “SURE, buddy, but how bout you keep your eyes open so you can SEE the picture from that side of the lens?!”  LOL! 

ANYWAY….that was how the page got its title: the elusive…Perfect Picture.  LOL! 

And I think I’m going to call it a night now.  PS for anyone who wonders, NO, nothing happened, I’ve not been called into any meetings lately, I haven’t offended anyone lately (that I know of)….just been thinking about it.  LOL.