Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Know

When you get behind in updating, it’s difficult to figure out where to pick up again.  LOL 

I don’t even know where to start.  The beginning doesn’t work in this case because I don’t know where the beginning is.  Haha.  I guess I’ll just pretend I never got behind and keep on going from here.  Teehee….

I don’t remember what all I blogged about last week…I’m pretty sure it wasn’t much, since my hands were full with our visitor.  She was a good kid but my kids just seem to forget all the rules when we have company, therefore they all needed constant supervision all week, which didn’t leave very much time for blogging.  Haha.  My kids are usually pretty good when it’s just them, and while they do occasionally do stupid things (hello, markers are for paper, not your expensive white bunkbed!) while my back is turned, for the most part, I don’t have to watch them every second.  LOL.  And I know…we all do stupid every now and then…it’s called being human.  Anyway, that was last week…

Then my parents found a house and moved, so I’ve been running up there in my spare time to help them unload and unpack….and clean….lol.  Turn-about’s fair play, I think the saying goes…they helped us clean and unload and unpack last year.  Haha. 

Sunday was Easter (image is clickable for credits).  Easter 2011 web lgWe went up to the in-laws for lunch and left the kids there for a few days.  The Munchkin has spring break this week.  Seems awfully late for spring break but anyway! 

Before we left the kids, I hid their Easter Eggs and let them go on a hunt around Mawmaw’s yard to find them.  Unfortunately, it was a little too warm outside and most of the chocolate in the eggs did not survive.  Oops.  Oh well…that’s one way to ensure that they don’t get too much candy.  HAH!  Oh, and this just goes to show how forgetful I am, I hid them, and five minutes later went around with them to watch them find the eggs and we didn’t find all of them.  LOL!  I hide things from myself all the time.  ROFL! 

Anyways, they were excited about staying for a few days but Monday morning when I got up and started doing my daily chores, I was so lonely.  LOL…the house was wayyyy too quiet.  I’m used to Munchkin being at school, but K-man is always helping me with chores and hanging out around the house so I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Usually when KC’s parents keep the kids, it’s because something is going on, and I’m either not home or too busy to think about it, but this time I was actually ready for them to come home.  Haha! 

Let’s see…my shoulder is crippling me again.  The last two nights, I’ve woke up and not even been able to move my arm until after a super hot shower and Excedrin Back&Body.  LOL.  I’m not complaining, honestly, it makes changing clothes a little challenging, but I’d rather have a bum shoulder than a lot of other ailments. 

Well…I think that’s good enough for now…if I think of anything later, I will probably forget about it before I blog again.  haha. 

Okay…off for now.  =)


  1. Too funny! I hide stuff from myself too... or be in the middle of something and forget what I was doing! I blame it on mommy brain!!

  2. I'm new to your blog. I hope you don't mind me stopping in. Love the pics!


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