Saturday, April 09, 2011


Well, there was a blue moon today.  I didn’t see it, but I know that some things only happen once in a blue moon, and one of those things happened today, so it MUST have been a blue moon. 

Yeah…you’re totally wondering what happened, right?  (well, unless you read it on facebook already…lol). 

Anyway, we shampooed carpets today.  Whew.  ALL day. 

First off, I started the morning with a shower BRIGHT AND EARLY.  Do you know how much I dislike bright and early Saturdays?  The things one does for the people they love.  Shoo…lol. 

Then after getting the kids and dogs taken care of, I took the kids and left the dogs and hit a couple yard sales on the way to the store to rent the shampooer. 

Wouldn’t you know that I left half my brain in bed this morning and was halfway to mom’s house before I realized I forgot to stop at the store to pick up the shampooer.  Durrr…

So I turned around and went back to the store and THEN headed to mom’s to help her shampoo her carpets.  Her house is smaller than mine, so it didn’t take too awful long, then I headed for home to do mine.  Wouldn’t ya know, I forgot that half my brain was still in bed at home and totally left the vacuum attachments at mom’s.  Halfway home and had to turn around again and go back to mom’s to get the attachments.  I’m a genius like that. 

Finally got home and start to help KC shampoo the vehicle carpets and realize that the stinkin’ attachments don’t even work.  GRRR.  So it was just the floor mats and then the house that got the scrub treatment. 

Bless my hubby, he did most of the shampooing here, I just kept him refilled and vacuumed and spot cleaned ahead of him.  And we were both exhausted (our house is so tiny, you know, I can’t imagine why we would be so tired), so we called it a night after getting our room and the kids rooms and upstairs hallway and two small high traffic/stained areas in the basement. 

Now to just get the house put back together again. 

And tomorrow morning we have to return the shampooer before church…which means getting up even earlier than USUAL for a Sunday morning….I’m so ecstatic!  ;-)

(and Mom, I’m really not complaining…I totally owe ya for all the times you’ve helped me, so I’m happy to return a few favors, even if I have to get up early to do it. lol…LOVE YA!)

It’s 10 o’clock, and I’m going to bed now.  =) 

Nighty night…=)

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  1. Wow. That does sound exhausting! Even just the driving back and forth so many half time there and back and la.di.da.! "WHEW!" You wear me out. And all I did was ready your post. lol.


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