Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tired Eyes

Another Sunday with no nap.  *sigh*  I got up way early this morning, too.  *wincing* 

Not complaining, mind you….just stating facts. 

Fact: I need a couple dozen aspirin and a pillow and I will be one happy camper.

Of course, I won’t take the couple dozen aspirin all at one time or I would be one DEAD camper. 

That’s a fact, too. 

Oh my….or as TB says at church…My Lord!  rofl…

Today was a little rough.  BK preached on longsuffering.  I could use a little work on my longsuffering…then again, I didn’t choke anyone today, so evidently I must possess at least a portion.  I did momentarily envision my hands around someone’s neck at one point, so it may be a SMALL portion, but I’m working on it.  LOL.  And don’t even tell me you have never had any of those little moments where you can just imagine someone as a bug that you could flick away because they’re making you batty.  Next time you’re behind a car going 20 in a 45, you just tell me you don’t wish you could flick your fingers and zap them out of your way.  Now of course, you can’t do that…it’s a bad idea for many reasons, logistically, for one, AND because it obviously wouldn’t be very Christ-like, for another…but don’t TELL me you’ve never thought it (or something similar…lol)!

I don’t feel very coherent right now.  Probably because I’m tired.   Lucky for me, I hear that blogging is a thing of the past, and no one reads these things anymore, so for all five of you that are left, just ignore everything I said tonight and perhaps tomorrow I will make more sense. 

….or not. 

Okay….my suffering self is going to bed.  That’s fact, not complaint. 

Winking smile  Goodnight.


  1. Don't stop blogging Faith.. I read yours all the time.. guess i need to work on comments.. keep it going!!

  2. I've heard ppl say that too, about blogging. But I like blogging way more than FB. I have ppl email me from time to time that say "I read your blog all the time, I just don't always comment." I love reading comments. And my little counter thing tells me ppl are still I know they are out there. :o)

    And yes, sometimes I wish I could flick ppl away. Like today. The Mom who was THIRTY minutes late to her appointment. And when I went to explain things to her on how her 2 appointments were already counted as "no shows"...she totally ignored me and walked away. Didn't even get to verify her info. And what aggravated me even more was that the Doctor catered to her and saw her anyway. :/ I could go on and on about the other reasons I wanted to flick her, but thankfully she eventually went home. LoL.

  3. I love you keep pressing on!

  4. actually that last one was not from kelby, it is from me. was under her name and didn't know it.


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