Friday, April 15, 2011

One Step At A Time

I’m climbing my mountain….one step at a time. 

Whew.  What a day…week…whatever.  In response to the offline response I got to my last blog post…I’m fine.  I don’t know who reads this anymore plus I’ve already dealt with situation and had to be cryptic to protect the….innocent(?!)…and anyway, I just needed to let off a little steam because I was aggravated (about more than one thing…it just piled up fast…lol) 

Is what it is…love me, hate me, whatever…just get a life and don’t be messing with mine.  With all due respect, I have enough drama of my own…don’t need anymore.

And that’s quite enough of that topic.  LOL. 

Speaking of drama in my own life…we got a kid#3 tonight (just for a week though…it’s a respite for another foster parent who’s out of town) and she’s fine but munchkin is going ballistic with her behavior.  The new kid is a year older than munchkin and munchkin (as I expected) wants to show off how “cool” she can be and is being her snarky, bouncing off the walls, refusing to listen, self.  Despite the fact that she got a talking to before the new kid ever showed up about that very attitude.  *sigh*  Munchkin is just a case…the other foster mom said that this kid can be a little bossy with other kids so hopefully she will adjust fast and give Munchkin a little of her own medicine.  lol.  It’s just for a week though….we can make it for a week.  =)  And neither of them have sisters so it’s nice for them to have someone to play with for a change. 

Today was busy…K-man had the last homeschool co-op day, so we went to that, then we came back and met up with mom and dad for a little bit, and then got a phone call that the new kid was going to be dropped off earlier than expected, so had to work out suitable arrangements for that.  Got home and everybody got situated, then I put my plants into the raised bed that KC and I built outside the basement over the last few days (yayyyyy…love it!  I’ll take pictures at some point…promise….my baby did a good job!)  Then I made the dogs go down to the potty spot and while they were trying to find the perfect spot, I clipped a few briars back with the clippers.  (Please dear God don’t let me have clipped any poison ivy….I can’t take another round of that stuff).  By that time, KC had returned with pizza and then we chilled in the basement for the rest of the evening. 


One step at a time….

Tomorrow shows no top of the mountain in sight…just another day of climbing….

So I’m off to get some rest…but before I go….here’s some of the pages I’ve done lately:

Remember that kit that I used in March that I said got reworked because the other designers quit designing?  Well, here it is in the new kit.  It’s called Front Page and it’s a killer kit! 

Kit: Front Page by Sweet Tomato Designs
Font: Pea Sarahloo and Markus the Cow by
Scraplift of "Daughter" by Kimberly (gypsyk)

And here’s a layout of our resident Drama Queen…this one was back in the day…but still full of drama…haha. 

Kit: City Glam by BeanBunny Designs
Font: Pupcat

And finally, here’s random pictures…the last month or so…iTouch pictures…very random and not so hot on the quality end of things but anyways…..

Kit: Beautiful Life by Pixel Perfect Designs
Fonts: Pea Sadie by & Conrad Veidt


  1. Since when do you wear glasses? Or are they someone else's? Great pages girl! I need to add mine now too, but I'll have to do it later. The Hubs used my laptop last night and he took the mouse away. I can't hardly stand not using my wireless mouse! Using the mousepad drives me batty. ;o) So until I locate it, (bless his heart), I won't be adding mine just yet.

  2. Oh! Munchkin was SO little! Where does time go?!?!? Wow. Love the scrap pages =) Your very talented! Stay encouraged and keep climbing that mountain of life! =)

  3. you are soo talented!


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