Saturday, April 30, 2011

Am I Coming…

Or going? I’ve SOOOO lost track.

Shooo. This is going to be so random.

I updated my blog tonight. I uploaded a new header and then remember that the kit I’m using hasn’t been released yet. POOOH. So the colors down here? Are a sneak peek of my summer look…it’s from a new kit that is named after a popular summer refreshment and I lurve it! I will upload the new header on May 4th. Basically, it’s the same header with new colors. Winking smile Don’t you love how I didn’t leave you in suspense at all? Yeah. Okay. **EDITED TO ADD: woohoo...Cara gave me permission to post my header a little early!! Love this kit, it's called Raspberry Limeade and if you are like me and have no patience, shhhhh, don't tell anyone,'s a link and you can grab it before it's officially released.**

I saw a random line in one of those forward things that someone had posted on their blog awhile back and it is now my favorite all time facebook status. And oh, is it SO true!? “Don't get your knickers in a knot; it solves nothing and makes you walk funny.” Seems like there’s a lot of people walking funny these days. Sometimes I think I offend people just by my mere existence. Doesn’t anyone have anything better to do than look for things to be offended over? Boy, howdy, I sure do!

I saw another line of that same forward that said something along the lines of a woman’s greatest fear is that there is no such thing as PMS and this IS my personality….lol…I laugh, but oh my. Today I just got up on the WRONG side of the bed, Munchkin got up way too early and in the process woke ME up and then she was just downright annoying. (Although, I don’t blame her, EVERYONE is downright annoying when I have to get up early…bwahaha). And then of course, NOTHING went right…I had planned to Munchkin’s little family birthday at five-thirty today (it’s her off year, so just small party), but then they scheduled revival at church so I had to move it back to 4. Then last night they announced that service had moved back to six, so I had to move it again, and in order to get done in time, we had to move the venue, which meant a whole change of menu as well, which meant another shopping trip….and then the stupid cupcake dogs which were supposed to look like this:

WELL. Let’s just say they looked NOTHING like that. They resembled something more like the head of THIS dog: (only without the nose and mouth…yep…just a white mound)

And my husband --- God bless his heart – laughed. Did I mention something about early mornings, changing plans, and PMS? I think I may have. I think I may have gotten grouchy. I also may have eaten the rest of the icing meant for the cupcake puppies flops (such a healthy breakfast) and then told my hubby that he could add a store bought cake to the new menu. I mean, why not…the rest of it changed…old things are passed away, behold ALLLLLLLL things………………………

I am way too tired…I’m getting goofy.

Okay. Goof-IER!

Anyway. It made my day when we got to the new venue for the little party and I’m in the middle of hanging a few streamers and balloons when my hubby comes back from his cake buying run and announces to me that he’s apparently decided to start a new fashion trend.


And we’re half an hour away from home, so he can’t just run back to the house to get matching shoes, so he has to wear them for the rest of the evening….and church (BWAHAHA). I was just glad I wasn’t the ONLY one having a day like that…AND I was glad that I could return the favor of laughing at his “icing on the cake” moment. ROFL!

Well…all I can say is we made it through the day. Alive.

What a relief!


  1. The end of your post cracked me up! See KC, bad things happen to those who laugh and make fun of others. LOL!!!! I thought only pregnant women put on different colored socks or shoes. ROLF! :o)

  2. Haha! That's great! Did you get the cupcake book? Or do it by just looking at it? I have the book....if you don't have it you could've used mine. Oh Well too late now! I'm sure they didn't look THAT bad.......=)


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