Saturday, April 30, 2011

Am I Coming…

Or going? I’ve SOOOO lost track.

Shooo. This is going to be so random.

I updated my blog tonight. I uploaded a new header and then remember that the kit I’m using hasn’t been released yet. POOOH. So the colors down here? Are a sneak peek of my summer look…it’s from a new kit that is named after a popular summer refreshment and I lurve it! I will upload the new header on May 4th. Basically, it’s the same header with new colors. Winking smile Don’t you love how I didn’t leave you in suspense at all? Yeah. Okay. **EDITED TO ADD: woohoo...Cara gave me permission to post my header a little early!! Love this kit, it's called Raspberry Limeade and if you are like me and have no patience, shhhhh, don't tell anyone,'s a link and you can grab it before it's officially released.**

I saw a random line in one of those forward things that someone had posted on their blog awhile back and it is now my favorite all time facebook status. And oh, is it SO true!? “Don't get your knickers in a knot; it solves nothing and makes you walk funny.” Seems like there’s a lot of people walking funny these days. Sometimes I think I offend people just by my mere existence. Doesn’t anyone have anything better to do than look for things to be offended over? Boy, howdy, I sure do!

I saw another line of that same forward that said something along the lines of a woman’s greatest fear is that there is no such thing as PMS and this IS my personality….lol…I laugh, but oh my. Today I just got up on the WRONG side of the bed, Munchkin got up way too early and in the process woke ME up and then she was just downright annoying. (Although, I don’t blame her, EVERYONE is downright annoying when I have to get up early…bwahaha). And then of course, NOTHING went right…I had planned to Munchkin’s little family birthday at five-thirty today (it’s her off year, so just small party), but then they scheduled revival at church so I had to move it back to 4. Then last night they announced that service had moved back to six, so I had to move it again, and in order to get done in time, we had to move the venue, which meant a whole change of menu as well, which meant another shopping trip….and then the stupid cupcake dogs which were supposed to look like this:

WELL. Let’s just say they looked NOTHING like that. They resembled something more like the head of THIS dog: (only without the nose and mouth…yep…just a white mound)

And my husband --- God bless his heart – laughed. Did I mention something about early mornings, changing plans, and PMS? I think I may have. I think I may have gotten grouchy. I also may have eaten the rest of the icing meant for the cupcake puppies flops (such a healthy breakfast) and then told my hubby that he could add a store bought cake to the new menu. I mean, why not…the rest of it changed…old things are passed away, behold ALLLLLLLL things………………………

I am way too tired…I’m getting goofy.

Okay. Goof-IER!

Anyway. It made my day when we got to the new venue for the little party and I’m in the middle of hanging a few streamers and balloons when my hubby comes back from his cake buying run and announces to me that he’s apparently decided to start a new fashion trend.


And we’re half an hour away from home, so he can’t just run back to the house to get matching shoes, so he has to wear them for the rest of the evening….and church (BWAHAHA). I was just glad I wasn’t the ONLY one having a day like that…AND I was glad that I could return the favor of laughing at his “icing on the cake” moment. ROFL!

Well…all I can say is we made it through the day. Alive.

What a relief!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Know

When you get behind in updating, it’s difficult to figure out where to pick up again.  LOL 

I don’t even know where to start.  The beginning doesn’t work in this case because I don’t know where the beginning is.  Haha.  I guess I’ll just pretend I never got behind and keep on going from here.  Teehee….

I don’t remember what all I blogged about last week…I’m pretty sure it wasn’t much, since my hands were full with our visitor.  She was a good kid but my kids just seem to forget all the rules when we have company, therefore they all needed constant supervision all week, which didn’t leave very much time for blogging.  Haha.  My kids are usually pretty good when it’s just them, and while they do occasionally do stupid things (hello, markers are for paper, not your expensive white bunkbed!) while my back is turned, for the most part, I don’t have to watch them every second.  LOL.  And I know…we all do stupid every now and then…it’s called being human.  Anyway, that was last week…

Then my parents found a house and moved, so I’ve been running up there in my spare time to help them unload and unpack….and clean….lol.  Turn-about’s fair play, I think the saying goes…they helped us clean and unload and unpack last year.  Haha. 

Sunday was Easter (image is clickable for credits).  Easter 2011 web lgWe went up to the in-laws for lunch and left the kids there for a few days.  The Munchkin has spring break this week.  Seems awfully late for spring break but anyway! 

Before we left the kids, I hid their Easter Eggs and let them go on a hunt around Mawmaw’s yard to find them.  Unfortunately, it was a little too warm outside and most of the chocolate in the eggs did not survive.  Oops.  Oh well…that’s one way to ensure that they don’t get too much candy.  HAH!  Oh, and this just goes to show how forgetful I am, I hid them, and five minutes later went around with them to watch them find the eggs and we didn’t find all of them.  LOL!  I hide things from myself all the time.  ROFL! 

Anyways, they were excited about staying for a few days but Monday morning when I got up and started doing my daily chores, I was so lonely.  LOL…the house was wayyyy too quiet.  I’m used to Munchkin being at school, but K-man is always helping me with chores and hanging out around the house so I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Usually when KC’s parents keep the kids, it’s because something is going on, and I’m either not home or too busy to think about it, but this time I was actually ready for them to come home.  Haha! 

Let’s see…my shoulder is crippling me again.  The last two nights, I’ve woke up and not even been able to move my arm until after a super hot shower and Excedrin Back&Body.  LOL.  I’m not complaining, honestly, it makes changing clothes a little challenging, but I’d rather have a bum shoulder than a lot of other ailments. 

Well…I think that’s good enough for now…if I think of anything later, I will probably forget about it before I blog again.  haha. 

Okay…off for now.  =)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Still Alive

I am…and I know….I just dropped off the planet last week but it was kind of a crazy week.  We all survived but I’m still trying to get back on top of things. 

What am I saying?  I’ve been trying to get back on top of things for at least 5 years now.  lol. 

Well, I’m still working on it.  I’ll update more if I get a chance. 


Friday, April 15, 2011

One Step At A Time

I’m climbing my mountain….one step at a time. 

Whew.  What a day…week…whatever.  In response to the offline response I got to my last blog post…I’m fine.  I don’t know who reads this anymore plus I’ve already dealt with situation and had to be cryptic to protect the….innocent(?!)…and anyway, I just needed to let off a little steam because I was aggravated (about more than one thing…it just piled up fast…lol) 

Is what it is…love me, hate me, whatever…just get a life and don’t be messing with mine.  With all due respect, I have enough drama of my own…don’t need anymore.

And that’s quite enough of that topic.  LOL. 

Speaking of drama in my own life…we got a kid#3 tonight (just for a week though…it’s a respite for another foster parent who’s out of town) and she’s fine but munchkin is going ballistic with her behavior.  The new kid is a year older than munchkin and munchkin (as I expected) wants to show off how “cool” she can be and is being her snarky, bouncing off the walls, refusing to listen, self.  Despite the fact that she got a talking to before the new kid ever showed up about that very attitude.  *sigh*  Munchkin is just a case…the other foster mom said that this kid can be a little bossy with other kids so hopefully she will adjust fast and give Munchkin a little of her own medicine.  lol.  It’s just for a week though….we can make it for a week.  =)  And neither of them have sisters so it’s nice for them to have someone to play with for a change. 

Today was busy…K-man had the last homeschool co-op day, so we went to that, then we came back and met up with mom and dad for a little bit, and then got a phone call that the new kid was going to be dropped off earlier than expected, so had to work out suitable arrangements for that.  Got home and everybody got situated, then I put my plants into the raised bed that KC and I built outside the basement over the last few days (yayyyyy…love it!  I’ll take pictures at some point…promise….my baby did a good job!)  Then I made the dogs go down to the potty spot and while they were trying to find the perfect spot, I clipped a few briars back with the clippers.  (Please dear God don’t let me have clipped any poison ivy….I can’t take another round of that stuff).  By that time, KC had returned with pizza and then we chilled in the basement for the rest of the evening. 


One step at a time….

Tomorrow shows no top of the mountain in sight…just another day of climbing….

So I’m off to get some rest…but before I go….here’s some of the pages I’ve done lately:

Remember that kit that I used in March that I said got reworked because the other designers quit designing?  Well, here it is in the new kit.  It’s called Front Page and it’s a killer kit! 

Kit: Front Page by Sweet Tomato Designs
Font: Pea Sarahloo and Markus the Cow by
Scraplift of "Daughter" by Kimberly (gypsyk)

And here’s a layout of our resident Drama Queen…this one was back in the day…but still full of drama…haha. 

Kit: City Glam by BeanBunny Designs
Font: Pupcat

And finally, here’s random pictures…the last month or so…iTouch pictures…very random and not so hot on the quality end of things but anyways…..

Kit: Beautiful Life by Pixel Perfect Designs
Fonts: Pea Sadie by & Conrad Veidt

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good Gravy…

Can’t say anything. 

I hate that. 

People do too much majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors. 

Get a grip, get a life, and get over it. 

And now I’m going to take a deep breath and get over it myself.  I have better things to think about. 

Philippians 4:8, you know.  Winking smile

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tired Eyes

Another Sunday with no nap.  *sigh*  I got up way early this morning, too.  *wincing* 

Not complaining, mind you….just stating facts. 

Fact: I need a couple dozen aspirin and a pillow and I will be one happy camper.

Of course, I won’t take the couple dozen aspirin all at one time or I would be one DEAD camper. 

That’s a fact, too. 

Oh my….or as TB says at church…My Lord!  rofl…

Today was a little rough.  BK preached on longsuffering.  I could use a little work on my longsuffering…then again, I didn’t choke anyone today, so evidently I must possess at least a portion.  I did momentarily envision my hands around someone’s neck at one point, so it may be a SMALL portion, but I’m working on it.  LOL.  And don’t even tell me you have never had any of those little moments where you can just imagine someone as a bug that you could flick away because they’re making you batty.  Next time you’re behind a car going 20 in a 45, you just tell me you don’t wish you could flick your fingers and zap them out of your way.  Now of course, you can’t do that…it’s a bad idea for many reasons, logistically, for one, AND because it obviously wouldn’t be very Christ-like, for another…but don’t TELL me you’ve never thought it (or something similar…lol)!

I don’t feel very coherent right now.  Probably because I’m tired.   Lucky for me, I hear that blogging is a thing of the past, and no one reads these things anymore, so for all five of you that are left, just ignore everything I said tonight and perhaps tomorrow I will make more sense. 

….or not. 

Okay….my suffering self is going to bed.  That’s fact, not complaint. 

Winking smile  Goodnight.

Saturday, April 09, 2011


Well, there was a blue moon today.  I didn’t see it, but I know that some things only happen once in a blue moon, and one of those things happened today, so it MUST have been a blue moon. 

Yeah…you’re totally wondering what happened, right?  (well, unless you read it on facebook already…lol). 

Anyway, we shampooed carpets today.  Whew.  ALL day. 

First off, I started the morning with a shower BRIGHT AND EARLY.  Do you know how much I dislike bright and early Saturdays?  The things one does for the people they love.  Shoo…lol. 

Then after getting the kids and dogs taken care of, I took the kids and left the dogs and hit a couple yard sales on the way to the store to rent the shampooer. 

Wouldn’t you know that I left half my brain in bed this morning and was halfway to mom’s house before I realized I forgot to stop at the store to pick up the shampooer.  Durrr…

So I turned around and went back to the store and THEN headed to mom’s to help her shampoo her carpets.  Her house is smaller than mine, so it didn’t take too awful long, then I headed for home to do mine.  Wouldn’t ya know, I forgot that half my brain was still in bed at home and totally left the vacuum attachments at mom’s.  Halfway home and had to turn around again and go back to mom’s to get the attachments.  I’m a genius like that. 

Finally got home and start to help KC shampoo the vehicle carpets and realize that the stinkin’ attachments don’t even work.  GRRR.  So it was just the floor mats and then the house that got the scrub treatment. 

Bless my hubby, he did most of the shampooing here, I just kept him refilled and vacuumed and spot cleaned ahead of him.  And we were both exhausted (our house is so tiny, you know, I can’t imagine why we would be so tired), so we called it a night after getting our room and the kids rooms and upstairs hallway and two small high traffic/stained areas in the basement. 

Now to just get the house put back together again. 

And tomorrow morning we have to return the shampooer before church…which means getting up even earlier than USUAL for a Sunday morning….I’m so ecstatic!  ;-)

(and Mom, I’m really not complaining…I totally owe ya for all the times you’ve helped me, so I’m happy to return a few favors, even if I have to get up early to do it. lol…LOVE YA!)

It’s 10 o’clock, and I’m going to bed now.  =) 

Nighty night…=)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Day 28-31–March 2011

3-28 31 web

Well, I know the last few days of March are late….I was holding off because Focus got a change up.  Apparently two of the designers aren’t designing anymore so it got pulled.  But the good news is that Sweet Tomato Designs IS still designing, so she pulled her part and created a new kit with it.  It’s not released yet, so I can’t give anymore info but it’s got a lot of the same things in it that it had before but with some new fun elements.  =)  Yay.  I still have to do a title page for this little mini album, but I’ll wait a few days for that. 

In other news, I really haven’t fallen off the blog-wagon, I’ve just been busy and pre-occupied.  The last of March got crazy busy and this month seems to have continued the trend. 

Thursday Thirteen:

Thirteen Good Things: (Philippians 4:8 – the mantra around our house lately thanks to some parenting frustrations that seem to be getting ever worse…but I won’t go there because there’s NO virtue in that and we’re really trying to think on the good things…lol)

  1. Our electric bill this month is the lowest bill we’ve ever had in this house.  It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a bill and ran cheering into the house waving it around like I’d won the lottery! 
  2. I got to go to Sister’s Night Out this week…it was SO nice to get away from certain parenting frustrations for a night. 
  3. The hubby watched the kids for me to get out.  He even got them in bed on time.  I have a great hubby. 
  4. The dogs haven’t ran out of the fence anymore.  Hope I didn’t just jinx it.  haha.  But I don’t have to walk them anymore, so my shoulder is feeling a little better.  I still have to walk them down to the p**p spot but I don’t have to have them on leashes…yay. 
  5. My hubby finally talked me into getting recliners for the basement.  I dragged my feet because of the price and we had perfectly fine seats already, but now that these recliners are here, I totally concur…they are way more comfortable for sitting/sleeping in…*shhh* don’t tell him I said that. 
  6. I helped him carry the old couches upstairs and move the new HEAVY recliners into the basement and my shoulder seems only minimally worse for wear…(I know mother{s}, I shouldn’t be lifting heavy things…don’t call and yell at me…I know, I know…lol)
  7. The girl who lived with us last summer finally posted on her facebook again, I was wondering if she was still okay, so it’s nice to know she’s still there and okay. 
  8. This year will make ten years that I’ve been a married chick.  That’s a good thing.  It makes me feel old, though, and that’s definitely NOT.  (although it’s better than the alternative….lol). 
  9. K-man had his kindergarten assessment last week.  I’m disappointed because they don’t consider it an option to put him in first grade even though he’s way ahead, he’s going to have to repeat K, but my good thought is that my homeschooled (and therefore supposedly antisocial) child was one of the only children in the assessment group who was not the least bit shy in talking to the adults or other kids.  HA.  Take that, my anti-homeschool hubby…lol….LOVE YOU!  lol! 
  10. I got my iTunes moved from the kids computer over to my computer…it’s complicated to transfer a synced iPod to a different computer, but I figured it out without KC…go self!  lol. 
  11. Munchkin made me laugh this week when she was doing her homework.  I posted it on facebook, but for ya’ll who don’t see that, here’s what I posted:
        ”I’m listening to homework assignments. Munchkin
    reading nonfiction about the worker bees. They are
         all female and they collect all the food, make the
         honey, feed the drones (which are males), etc. And
         according to the book the drones only have to mate 
         with the queen bee(?!?). So what does Munchkin
         say? That's not fair!! Why do girls have to do ALL the
         work? I said not a word. NOT. A. WORD. Rofl!!”
  12. I survived youth camp a few weeks ago.  Thank God for maturity…I wouldn’t want to relive the youth camps as a youth ever again.  With age DOES come some wisdom…even though some things NEVER EVER change, I’m so glad I can deal with it better than I used to…lol. 
  13. It’s bedtime.  I have been on the move so much lately that I haven’t had any chances to catch any extra Z’s so I am zonked.  lol.  that’s probably a good thing.  LOL.  Night!