Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 19–March 2011

3-19 web

Kit: Focus Collab by Sweet Tomato Designs, Heather Hess, & Pagefrocks

Font: My own handwriting

Oh and I am loving these two pictures I took today….I’ve been playing with overlays and textures on photos and it’s really fun. 


overlays and word art: house of 3
frame in first photo: hmanning

Anyway….I had more journaling than I had room on the layout for today…lol….wow.  =)  And I’m whooped…we’ve been working our tails off in the backyard.  So I’m going to bed now. 


  1. Pictures look awesome! And I just love how you're posting this month. Welp, I'd better get back to work. ;o)

  2. You go with the pool thing. Our above ground is the last thing i want to tackle! It's runs our electric bill sky high. Looking forward to a garden though!
    Love you bunches, oh yeah, way to go on the t-shirts!


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