Wednesday, February 02, 2011

On TOP of It!

YES!  I got the Munchkin’s valentine’s for school finished over a WEEK before!  YAY me!  LOL.  I told KC I was trying not to wait till the last minute and he had to pick his jaw up off the floor!  HAHA! 


I used a kit called “My Love” by Sugar Pie Scraps plus a little cardstock and glue from my stash, the font was Pea Times New Camileon, and the candy is Hershey’s mini chocolate bars that have custom wrappers (from the same kit).

Munchkin did the gluing on some of them…but I glued these so I could take pictures of them.  LOL…she wasn’t so careful to glue the ones she did straight and centered but since they were her cards, I guess it doesn’t matter that much.  haha.  And I’ll let her do the “addressing” part, too.  I figure it’s no different than me going out and buying a box of valentines since the addressing is all that she’d have gotten to do then anyway.  LOL!


  1. Oh! How very cute and creative! I love it! Wonderful job! I'm sure Munchkin's look creative and wonderful too. :o) I've been wondering about this project of yours and it is fabulous.

  2. that is tOtALly AweSOMe!!!!

    you rock, just sayin'.

  3. I LOVE these!! How did you do the chocolate wrappers? LOVE IT! =)

  4. "I like" Lexie's famous phrase!!

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