Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And The Computer Died

My darling hubby has been trying to resuscitate it for 4 days now. He finally, FINALLY got it to boot and load again and almost has it back where it was 2 weeks ago. Whatever got it was a doozy...he couldn't even get it to wipe and start over. *sigh* So maybe before the weekend I will get my computer back.

I hate blogging without live writer...I've gotten used to that way and now I feel lost without it. LOL.

But for the good sweet baby (and yes, he was sweet already) got me an iTouch for Valentines Day. It is soooo neat. It's made me feel so much better about not having my computer working for the last few days. LOL. And of course, I have my old computer which I snatched back from the kids for a few days, but it doesn't have any programs on it that I use, other than the internet, so it still feels like I'm missing a computer. But the ipod is so much fun, I have the Kindle app, the facebook app, and I swiped some of KC's itunes and popped in my headphones while I was doing chores's so cool.

Anyways, I'll be back soon, hopefully....


  1. Oh, dear! Don't tell my Hubs! LOL. He's only been wanting one forever. :o)

  2. That Cracks me up that he got you an i-touch for V-day!! lol. Only Bro. Casey! =)


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