Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My favorite designer ever is having a rare CT call!!  If you’re interested in being on one of the best teams around, you should apply!  =)  Here’s the details:


Her store is at Polka Dot Plum and she has some gorgeous goodies stashed in there! 

Speaking of her gorgeous goodies, she just released a new template set today and here’s my layout with it:

STSeed3#2-1stSnow weblg


I also used one of her other recent kits, Jingle Jangle.  

Fonts: Myriad Pro, Retro Rock Poster

Fun, fun, fun…

Speaking of fun, today I’m going through all my created layouts on my computer and sorting them out into folders by year…I have GOT to get them printed.  The good news is that the place where I want to get them printed is running a special on 12x12’s for $1 each (if you order 35 or more).  And I easily can reach that…haha.  Probably twice.  I am WAY behind on printing.  I have to get these sorted and figure out which ones to print before the special runs out on the 16th of January though…and that is fast approaching. 

Seriously?  We’re almost halfway through January already?  WHAT?—How is that possible??? 

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