Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who’s A Hero?

Random conversation in the car on the way home from church last night:  (We went to the church which is almost an hour’s drive away, so plenty of time in the car for random conversations!  LOL)

K-man (playing his DS): Momma?  My hands are getting all sweaty!

Me: It is a little stuffy, I guess.

K-man: *sigh* Yeah, it is.  (like he knew what “stuffy” meant…lol)

KC (rolling down the windows a few inches): *pause*  There…how’s that?

K-man: Yeahhhhh, that’s good!  *pause* Daddy SAVESSSS the day!

Yep, that’s my honey, a window-crackin’ super hero!  Hahahah! 


  1. lol. i love the funny little things my kids say. i love this age (most of the time) *SMILE*

  2. LOL! Didn't know KC was a window-crackin' super hero! I love the way kids think! :o)

  3. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Ha-ha! We were just talking the other day saying we could make a book of the things Little Kids say lol!!Just the ones we know! =)


  4. I love how the small things are so huge to kids :) They're so refreshing.


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