Monday, January 24, 2011

Who Needs Ladders?

PART951295911163877Sunday afternoon, K & I painted our Sunday School room.  It’s a happy color.  Kinda like the boiler room.  LOL.  People will know exactly which paint jobs Faith had a hand in at the church…

PART951295911224703Not such a happy color when it’s in a puddle on the carpet though.  They don’t call me “Grace” for nothin’! Heh.  And in case you’re wondering, I was FINE on the redneck ladder.  When we upgraded to a real ladder for the second half of the ceiling trim, I decided to skip the last step--while holding paint in one hand and a brush in the other. Thank God for friends who catch us when we fall.  Even if their husband suggests that perhaps she should have let me fall and catch the paint instead.  LOL. 

Winking smile

And when little guy here said, “That looks kinda dangerous—but FUN!” and proceeded to make his own redneck ladder, I DID say…”Kid, this IS extremely dangerous and you should NEVER try this at home!”   

Now we just have to go back and paint the trim white.  Thankfully the trim is all on my level…no ladders, real or rigged, required.  =)


  1. Love the color. Too funny on the story!

  2. A-ha...caught you teach kids dangerous fun! LOL. Nice paint color....did you mix a bunch of different colors together to create this one? Maybe you should work at Lowe's in the paint department. ;o)

  3. Oh NO!!! =) Glad you didn't get hurt! Now I'm going to laugh.. Because that is what I do... I laugh at people who fall. And I'm sure the paint would have made it all the more funny to me! lol it's an unfortunant problem I have that can't be helped!! Love the color by the way!! I'll be calling on you to help me do my living room soon!! =) Ps. Amy Lizzy you need to invite me to follow you or something! I can't read your blogs unless you do!

  4. ha-ha! Love the "Ladder"! LOVE the color too!! Awesome!!!Can't wait for next SS class!~ =D

  5. That ladder DOES look like fun...and also looks like it could lead to having a really fun leg cast!! :)

  6. Um, we have ladders, you are a nut! I still think the rainbow room beats all!

  7. crack me up! you are scary!


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