Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Where Do I Start?

I have this funny feeling that the random that ruled the roost my posts through the month of December is probably here to stay for awhile.  Hopefully that doesn’t bother anyone…lol…not that I can help it if it does.  =) 

KC turned old today.  LOL.  I try not to rag him (much) since I’m going to be turning old in a couple months.  We didn’t have a big party, just a nice quiet night at home (per his request).  Course, that suits me just fine…I love quiet nights at home.  I made him a disgustingly sinful, calorie-loaded, hot chocolate lava cake.  With vanilla ice cream on the side…the dish was pretty much plain sugar.  If it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to make, I would never make it again, because that one bowl used up my daily calorie allowance for a full week, but it was so easy.  And so good.  Think chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream on top and then drowning it in liquid syrupy hot chocolate icing. 

I just gained another pound writing about it. 

For the record, it’s one of those pampered chef brilliant recipes…

Make up a box of devils food cake according to the package directions.  Dump a container of chocolate icing in a microwave safe large dish (I used the pampered chef large glass mixing bowl which is oven/microwave safe) and then pour the prepared cake mix on top of it.  Microwave for 10 minutes (no lid) and then dump out in a dish with sides (because you don’t want to lose all that yummy gooey syrup). 

And there’s another pound.  I have to stop talking about it now or the scales will think I grew another person overnight.

Moving on…I haven’t picked up my camera or uploaded any pics in ages…since Christmas I guess…at this rate my computer hard drive won’t be overloaded anytime soon…

Munchkin’s back in school.  Mommy is just a little bit happy about that!  And then today she forgot her backpack and lunch for the first time all year…and Mommy didn’t even realize it until like 1:30…walked all around it all day and never even thought about the fact that during the school day it wasn’t supposed to be hanging on the hook in the kitchen.  Durrr…oh well. 

My phone is dying.  It’s been beeping for ages now and I don’t feel like going upstairs and plugging it up.  For one, I’m lazy.  And for another, every time I move, the dogs follow me.  Between the kids and the dogs, I NEVER go to the bathroom alone.  ROFL.  How did I get on that subject? 

Speaking of the dogs, they are all settled down here in the basement…in the kids beanbags.  The dogs have pretty much taken over the two (nearly flattened) beanbags that the kids used to use.  They curl up in their adjacent beanbags and off to dreamland…until I get off the couch.  Then they magically wake up.  And follow.  But they’re real cute all curled up in the beanbags.  If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d go get the camera and show you.  Winking smile Oh well. 

I don’t really know what else to say…as usual I still have a lot on my mind but nothing I can say.  Oh well.  Such is life. 

Have I ever mentioned I hate football?  It stresses me out.  LOL. 

AND I’m going to hit post now and find something else to do for a while.  =)  It’s only midnight after all.  Surprised smile

wq (that was the dog) 

Goodnight. =)


  1. lol... You beat me staying up.. I finally just gave up on the football and went to bed!! (With my dog in tow)Happy Birthday to your hubbers!!

  2. KC can't be that old! He's not THAT much ahead of me. Ha! I'll be "old" in a month or so and I really don't feel it. I've heard of ppl who actually get depressed about it, but I feel like embracing it. LoL. "Old" really can't be THAT bad..or can it? ;o)
    I love your random posts. They keep me on my toes.

  3. How is it possible to hate football? I mean, I get the part about hating the 'stress' of it if that's what you're talking about. LOL Erica (Aaron's girlfriend) ends up sick almost every game from her nerves.

    I gained 3lbs reading about that cake and just when I'm trying to eat healthy!

    Keep the random coming.

  4. Oh and if you want random post, you know where to look!! Mine are so random that it's almost embarrassing!! =) Oh well.. that's pretty much my life tho.. LOVE RANDOMNESS!


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