Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The best way to go down stairs is on your feet, not your back and rear end. 

Because if you do go down on your back and rear end, you will sit on the bottom stair and wonder why nothing hurts terribly bad and then you will go along about your day and then half an hour later, you will move and you will feel this awful pain from your neck all the way down your spine and into your rear end and you will remember that you wondered why nothing hurt terribly bad and you will know it was just a delayed reaction. 

And then you will wonder how long it will take to stop hurting again. 

Just sayin’. 


  1. One word: Chiroprator.

  2. I have a donut shaped pillow you can borrow. :)

  3. hahaa... so sorry friend. has grace come around for another visit? ;)

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    LOL - Sounds like you speak from experiance :0) When I was about 5or 6 we had a very steep staircase. Every time I tried to go up or down the stairs, I fell. Eventually I learned to sit on my bottom and slide down one step at a time (Chuckle)

  5. Anonymous5:02 PM

    ....not that I mean you should go down the steps like that...LOLOL


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