Friday, January 28, 2011

Naughty Me

Yes, that would be me.  My MIL saw my redneck ladder and says since I’m still alive to beat, she’s going to give me a few good whacks for that one.  LOL.  Yes, I know.  Naughty me. 

And naughty me for taking so long between posts.  KC was out of town for a few days and my motivation flew on the plane with him to Texas.  =)  And let’s face it, I was too busy chasing creaking noises in the house and trying to keep the dogs from chasing ghosts because they are a lot more vocal about it than I am.  And you know, at 2am, it’s pretty important not to run through the house barking because humans need their sleep.  LOL.  Really though, I was kidding about chasing creaking noises in the house though…I got over that a few years ago.  The dogs on the other hand, I was not kidding about.  I leave them out while the hubby’s gone because let me tell you, when it comes to noises or people coming in the house, they are NOT friendly.  Which makes me feel pretty good.  LOL. 

And then my final “naughty” moment: I applied for another creative team…mostly because I didn’t expect to get it…except…lol….I did.  =)  I’m really excited though because it’s a really cool store team.  So I get to do creative work with a variety of designer’s kits.  And it’s the store that the designer I already work for sells at, so it works really well for me.  =)  I’m pretty excited…it’s a little different than I’m used to, but I think I’m getting the hang of it already.  =)  We haven’t gotten our February creative assignments yet, but I’ve already got my additional duties for February pretty much out of the way.  =)  There are going to be some cool challenges and things going on over at the Plum next month (and not just cuz I’m there now either…haha)…so you should hop over and check it out.  I’m thinking with all the scrapping I’m going to be doing, I should totally be caught up by this time next year.  *grin*  cell phone2

Anyway…that’s been my naughtiness –for now (lol).  Oh and look…isn’t this –->      adorable?  I created it with a kit from a new designer (Farynar’s Wings) who is going to be opening her store on 2/1 at Polka Dot Plum.  I made it for the cell phone challenge…it fits my screen resolution on my phone and I uploaded it to verizon and sent it to myself, so now it’s my background on my phone.  AWWW.  =) 

Okay…off now.  Got to figure out which of KC’s suitcases has my motivation stowed away in it. 

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  1. That's pretty neat idea for your cell phone...not so much for mine. LOL. Unless of course the picture was of my Hubs. hahaha.


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