Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Little Housecleaning

In case you didn’t notice, I did a little housekeeping over on the ol’ linky list over there.  I went through my google reader and deleted everyone that didn’t post anything at all in 2010.  I figured it was time…and now that my list is shorter, maybe I’ll have time to read the ones I still subscribe to.  *grin* 

A note to my “real life friend” bloggers, you guys who didn’t post last year got the cut, too.  Love ya and all, but you really should post.  Winking smile  However, if you start blogging again, please please please be sure to tell me so I can link back up and read again.  =) 

I really miss you guys.  =(  Especially you, my hubby…who hasn’t blogged since 2008.  >:( 

Anyways, so that’s that and I updated the header last night and changed the credits down there, too.  And there it is…blog is all tidy again.  =)


  1. Love it :)
    I did post.
    I also redid my blog, but it's nowhere near as cute as yours. It would be easier if I had a picture to put on my header, but I'm not too keen on blowing just me up for it :)
    I love Caden's face in the header pic lol

  2. I did some of that yesterday. Got rid of a few myself. Today I've been focusing on "real" housework. More like a "Winter Clean". Got my office closet shelves up and all my little bins organized on it. Still have a ways to go. More junk to get rid! But oh so happy to see it all organized! :o)

  3. I blogged this year so you can't delete me next year. Ha!

    Love the new design. :)

  4. nice tidey job!
    At least i didn't get kicked out.
    But, sometimes it's like pulling teeth finding uninterupted time to blog in this household!
    I have to concentrate real hard, since expressing my thoughts, in any way, doesn't come easy for Yeah.
    Is it leagal to have that many commas in a sentance? Haven't covered that in a few years...
    Love ya a whole bunch!


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