Sunday, January 30, 2011

5 Ways You Know You're in the ER Too Early

  1. You spend twenty minutes staring at the newspaper machine and wondering how it knows which day is Sunday to charge $2...
  2. You yawn five hundred times in a row.
  3. You can't figure out how a vending machine can really have hot and fresh chicken at the touch of a button like the front is advertising...
  4. But you're tempted to go try it, because your stomach is the only part of your body that's actually awake.
  5. Everybody in the waiting room has their eyes closed and you're pretty sure it's not because they are praying.

And you're ready to go home, but that has nothing to do with the time of morning...

Oh...and we're here because KC has a bad ear infection (for 4 days now) and couldn't stand the pain any longer.


  1. so sorry friend! want me to bring you a chicken biscuit????

  2. LOL, thanks friend...but we stopped at Mickey D's after we left the ER. So I'm still wondering how a machine can have hot and fresh chicken. haha.

  3. Poor boy :(

    The paper box knows when it is Sunday, because every Saturday night, the delivery person whispers in the slot to make sure the box remembers.

  4. Lori - REALLY??? LOL! Now I shall always think of that when I see the paper boxes on Sundays....HAHAHA


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