Thursday, December 02, 2010


Tonight at supper (which FYI was rice and baked beans for me and Munchkin, sandwiches for the honey, mini frozen burgers for the K-man…gotta cater to my picky eaters, you know…lol):

K-man has his mini cheeseburgers on his plate and I’m dishing out the rice and beans to myself and the Munchkin. 

K-man: “Mom, what’s in that one?” pointing at the pot
Mom: “Beans.  That’s why I fixed you cheeseburgers.”
“I want some.”
“BEANS?!  …..Um…okay.” prepares to scoop
”Just one.”
“You mean just a little?”
”No, just one.”
”ONE bean?!?”
“Well, alright.” singles out one solitary baked bean and plops it on his plate
”Thank you.”
”You’re welcome, now get busy eating.”

momentary silence

K-man picks up the little round bean and puts in his mouth.  His face crinkles up and he visibly gags and then swallows it down. 

Dad: “How was it?”
K-man: “Good.”
Mom: “Want some more?”
K-man: “No, thank you.”

LOL….we cracked up.  At least he was polite about it and TRIED something different.  I have hope for less embarrassing future social interactions now… ROFL!  SOOOO funny!

Oh…also so funny…I was informed by Munchkin that she fell in love today.  Her little friend on the bus told her he loved her “with his own mouth and then he gave me the ‘I love you’ sign.” today…so now she doesn’t just LIKE him, she is IN LOVE!  LOLOL! 


  1. hahaa.... that's funny. gotta love picky eaters! ;)

  2. Funny! I love hearing what kids come up with, whether it's something they say or do. :o)


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