Friday, December 03, 2010

Why Worry

I think the song finishes with “when you can pray” but I think the real answer is that it’s because there are simply SO many things to worry ABOUT. 

BUT…praying is a better answer, (Philippians 4:6) and although I’ve already been doing that, perhaps I should just start praying that I won’t worry so much. 

I hate being a worrier…I’d rather not, but it’s so stinkin difficult sometimes.  Am I the only person who will get three miles from home and turn around and drive all the way back to their house to make sure the garage door shut all the way because they don’t remember double checking it?  Or the only person who goes to work and can’t remember if they turned off the iron, so they worry all day that the cat will knock it off and it will start a fire?  Or the only person who worries that all the conspiracy theories might be true?  LOL. 

I really do try not to worry.  At least about things I can’t control.  I just worry that I might do—or NOT do—something I COULD have controlled and something bad will happen and I will regret it for the rest of my life.  Or at least for a few days.  Or years.  Or even worse, that it will negatively affect someone I love for an indefinite amount of time…I just worry.

*biting nails*  Some days are worse than others on the worry scale. 

I hate worry. I just read this devotional and boy, is it exactly what I need.  Whew…think I’ll just go pray now.  And if I do it in bed, perhaps I will just peacefully fall to sleep.  =) 


  1. Friend, I don't think you are alone in this. Sometimes I wonder how I got somewhere because I can't remember the drive. Just wait, maybe we'll be in the nursing home together one day wondering if we remembered to put our teeth in or not. LMAO!

    Don't worry, be happy. (had to add a cliché)

  2. LOL, Amy....yeah...knowing me, I will have taken out my teeth in the cafeteria at lunch and they will fall off the table and land on the chair next to me and Gerald, the good looking 92 year old hottie across the hall will sit on them and they will bite him in the butt and he won't be able to sit down for weeks and.....oh wait...I'm worrying again. Bwhahaha.

    thanks for the comment, girl. I appreciate the encouragement, seriously. =)

  3. i think if awards were given out for worrying, i'd win one! lol

    the more you love, the more you worry about the people you love. at least that's my story.


  4. I worry that I'll end up in the resthome long before I really should be there. I have worried about whether I've shut the garage door or not b/c I can't remember if I double checked it or not. No, you're not alone in your worry-ing. I often tell myself the same thing, "why worry when you can pray?" We've been studying about prayer in Sunday school and it's been a blessing to me. I woke up one night a couple weeks ago and felt the Lord urge me to get up and go pray. He lead me through Ephesians 6:10-20. That particular night, verses 12 & 18 really stood out to me. 18 says, "Praying always with all prayer and supplications in the Spirit..." I agree with you it's hard not to worry about life and the things in it, no matter how many times I remind myself that God is in control of everthing. Even the garage door. :o) Def. something I need to work harder at. It's amazing I haven't already been sent to the resthome. LOL.

  5. What are these young girls doing talking about a nursing home!!!!!! I am the one who should be worring about that. the 68 year old.... just trying to be funny but all women worry..... we have so much to care for in our lifes.. but it's peacful to know that Jesus carries the heavy load of it. Love your blog.... keep it going.


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