Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Somebody put bleach water in my bottle of Febreeze that sits in the basket of frequently used items on my dryer.  Somebody didn’t label it.  It USED to be Febreeze.  I know because I use it frequently to freshen up things that aren’t washable…like the air after the dog toots.  And I keep it there BECAUSE it’s used frequently and I’m lazy like that and don’t like to get it out of the cabinet. 

The bottle of bleach water is in an old lysol spray bottle and is CLEARLY marked out with a sharpie and has “BLEACH” written all over it.  It’s in the cabinet because it is NOT used frequently. 

I don’t know when it was switched or why, because neither KC nor I did it….but I do know it was switched.  I know because as I was running out the door yesterday I sprayed my sweater pretty liberally with “febreeze.”  I sprayed it because it smelled slightly of greasy food.  It wasn’t dirty, just had that “I sat in a cafeteria for a few minutes” smell, so I febreezed it…that’s what febreeze is for.  LOL.  Unfortunately after about the fourth generous squirt, I thought…that’s funny, this doesn’t smell like febreeze. 

Oh dear.  My favorite sweater and one of my best jean skirts.  I immediately ran to the sink, peeling off the clothes as I went, and rinsed them out as fast as possible…

Those moments only happen when you’re running late.  So then I had to go find something else to wear.  And moan over the fact that I’d just sprayed bleach all over one of my best outfits. 

I’m pretty sure I rescued the clothes in time…only one spot on the jean skirt that I can find and the sweater looks amazingly unharmed.  But I can’t figure out how that febreeze turned into bleach? 

The last time that happened was sometime between 2002 and 2004 (I know this, because it was in our very first house on our very first bed).  And I sprayed it and the fabric on our very favorite comforter immediately spotted up.  I patched over it and put a matching patch on the other side.  We still have it.  It wasn’t as much of a favorite after that though.  And the last time, it was a person who put bleach in the febreeze bottle and didn’t label it. 

GRRR…Bleach has NO business being in a febreeze bottle.  That’s all I have to say about THAT! 


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Aw I'm sorry! It must have been the "Nobody" ghost. He lurks around our house frequently! lol. Well I'm glad it didn't do to much Damage!!

  2. Yikes! That happened to me once, only the Hubs did it. Thankfully I was sparying my work around the house jeans, so it didn't matter too much. I was just thankful it wasn't my favorite outfit! Yep. Hubs put bleach in the stain remover bottle and didn't label it. Oh sure, it removed the stain and then some! I was sure to tell him to PLEASE be sure and label the bottle next time! :o) Sorry it happened to your favorite outfit. I promise it wasn't me! :o)

  3. oh.my.word.

    dunno who your prankster is but that's not too funny. sorry friend.


    maybe someone recycled/refilled the bottle & forgot to label it????


    that stinks. at least you still have your sweater, right?


  4. glad you were able to save your favorites!

  5. Oh no!! Now I'm wondering who donnit! =) Glad you could salvage your clothes tho.. This sounds so much like something that would happen at my house!

  6. So glad it didn't ruin anything. That would of have been one of those "so aggravated over a simple mistake" moments for me :)


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