Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas

Well, it is wayyyy past my bedtime.  My computer clock just turned 12.  OUCH. 

I have hand cramps from editing pictures and I tried to upload to FB but apparently that’s not working right now.  Here are a couple of my favorites from this weekend since I don’t want to spend all that time and then not get ANY of IMG_9336e2webthem uploaded anywhere. 

The snow was so pretty.  I didn’t measure it or anything, but I’m guessing around nine inches. 

KC’s family ended up staying over since the snow was pouring down for 16 hours nonstop on Christmas day.  LOL. 

They wanted me to snap some pics before they left.  I love these of Aunt C and Uncle R…they aren’t 100% perfect shots (my camera seemed to want to focus on the snow falling in front of them instead of on THEM) but the pics are super sweet just the same. 

Then there’s these shots of the in-laws…which also turned out pretty good…IMG_9309ewebIMG_9318eweb

Another one of Aunt C and Uncle R, and then Pawpaw snapped a couple of us…
That’s my best “just got out of the shower and it didn’t wake me up” look…lol

After the family headed out today when the snowplows got the road decently cleared, the four of us went out and played in the snow for awhile.  Brrr…it was cooooold.  Munchkin and I made a snowman while KC cleared the driveway and K-man crawled around on his hands and knees with his face in the snow – eating it….thankfully, I didn’t see him eating any that was yellow….bwahahaha

IMG_9332ewebI made the snowman with ears and turned him into a cat with whiskers.  I wasn’t going to, but Munchkin made the head and it had this “growth” on one side, so I made a matching one and then it sorta looked like ears, so I just went with it.  LOL. 


Then there’s the dogs….their first snow.  To say they LOVE it is kind of an understatement.  The first time I walked them in it, it didn’t occur to me until I was doing the balance/skid/backflip/skid/balance act down the hill with them because they were so excited and jumping around in it, that perhaps that first walk should have been one at a time.  LOL.  After that, I let them out on the back deck and just blocked it off so they couldn’t get down the stairs…they ran and played till their feet froze and they wanted back in…


IMG_9363ewebI’m not sure what is up with my camera (possibly operator error) but it seems like my focus is off…I’ll have one random piece of picture in focus and then everything else will be blurry and when I try to bring it up to good sharpness, it gets all grainy.  Most of the pics I took during Christmas turned out like that.  Yuck.  These outside ones weren’t too bad though…except for the ones I tried to take when it was snowing…live and learn I guess.  =) 

Okay…I’m going to bed now.  =)


  1. Awesome pictures girl! I have some I need to edit and upload too.

  2. Very lovely photos of your family, the holidays are so special but even more so when it is spent with family and love ones. God bless

  3. great pictures, Sis. Faith. The snow is even beautiful in North Carolina!!!!!!

  4. I'm jealous of all your snow! I've not been to your blog in FOREVER b/c I lost the link... found it in a very obscure file; now it is in my favorites :phew:! :)
    I'm soooooo behind on all your happenings I don't know how to catch up! When did you get dogs???? :) Any place I can find pics of stuff you've done to the new place? I LOVE it by the way. :)

  5. Anonymous10:35 PM

    I LOVED the White Christmas! It was VeRy awesome! Glad ya'll had a good time ;)


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