Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Drive

Took me a little longer than usual to get home tonight.  I was driving through one of the little burgs that we have to drive through to get to church…the ones that are speed traps because the posted speed is 35mph and your car always wants to do at least 50…anyways, so I decided to take one of those leisurely out-of-the-way drives. 

Well, see, here’s the story: it was just me and K-man in the car (KC wasn’t feeling good and stayed home with the Munchkin) and BECAUSE it was just the other two of us in the car, I was singing a bee-boppin church song from tonight’s service and was bee-bopping along at a pace which matched the bee-boppin song without realizing that I was already in that little speed trap town.  And then there was the moment when I suddenly noticed the car that just went by me (going the other direction) and that there were reflective stickers on the side of that car that read “highway patrol” and then I looked at my speed and…

Then I decided to take a fork in the road that was just a “different” way home…to um…look at some Christmas lights.  LOL.  I haven’t told KC this part of the story…yet…lol.  Not that it’s a secret or anything.  =)  Because he always thinks I’m the only one that ever goes by a cop while doing 50 in a 35…and I will have you know that he is guilty just as often as I—only he never gets caught.  Watch…this will be the day he decides to read my blog.  LOL…KC, if you’re reading this, then HI HONEY!  I LOVE YOU! *GRIN*  And honey, you have to admit, there have been a few instances where YOU’VE taken a detour to avoid a speeding ticket, so no getting mad, okay?  ;-)

Tonight, I took a page out of his book—and didn’t get caught.  ;-)  THANK GOD!  I did have a moment of panic when I wasn’t sure where I was, out in the middle of no-where, with an empty tank of gas, and by myself in the dark, but I didn’t panic.  I just turned on the GPS and decided that my little detour was perfect because it took me out and around and right by the gas station.  ;-)  So I just went to get gas…the long way.   

LOL.  Dear God, thank you for watching out for me, in spite of every moment of ditzy carelessness that I seem to be all too capable of…

My Jesus knows just what I need.  Oh yes, He knows just what I need.
He satisfies and every need supplies, Yes, He knows just what I need.

I was thankful already tonight, but there’s just one MORE thing to be thankful for…lol. 

K-man cracked me up on the way home though…

”MOM!  I saw a NIGHT LIGHT!  A CHRISTMAS night light!”

“The clawwwww…you have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful.” (he was quoting toy story out of the blue…lol) 

“I love water!  And milk.  And juice.  And watermelon.  Because it’s red.  And cheeseburgers.”  (he’s so random…I wonder where he gets that?  LOL!)

I love cheeseburgers, too.  (teehehe)  Goodnight.


  1. LOL! Your post made me smile today. :o)

  2. My, my girl! Next time you want to sing a bebopping church song, put on your cruise. Thankful you were spared!
    Love you


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