Friday, December 10, 2010

No no no

Please not again.  It’s like the pain that used to be in my right shoulder has just relocated…to my left shoulder.  And it’s killing me.  Oh I do not want another shot.  Maybe if I just take advil and don’t move my arm. 

I am so tired.  They are having revival at church this week and we didn’t go the last couple nights but we went tonight.  Didn’t get out until 9:45 and then ended up talking to a couple people before we left so it was 11 when we got home.  Poor dogs.  We left at 4 today to take the kids up to MIL’s and she cooked supper for us (YUM) so the dogs were in their crate for a long time tonight.  And I know they need to run around and stretch their legs for a few minutes before going back in for the night, but I am ready to go to bed!  *sigh* 

I don’t know what all to say…I have a lot on my mind but have no way to say it on here.  Even saying innocent things gets me in trouble anymore…lol.  I was a little bitter about that earlier this week but right now I’m too tired to feel anything but sleepy.  =) 

Goodnight now…=) 


  1. I will be Praying that your arm gets to feeling better.

  2. Hope you get all the extra rest you can and that your shoulders start feeling better! We're too young to fall apart just yet. :o)


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