Friday, December 31, 2010

Old Year Out, New Year In

I cannot believe it’s been another year already.  Seems like we were just starting this one…I mean, we JUST moved in this house.  And now it’s January again.  I guess that means that those leftover unpacked boxes have no good excuse anymore.  I can’t use the “oh we just moved in and we’re still working on getting everything arranged” excuse anymore. 

Anyway, this will be another random post from the mental bletherings of my brain.  Just warning ya. 

Anyway, someone said Christians shouldn’t make New Years Resolutions…I’m not sure why that is, because even Christians have bad or unhealthy habits.  I mean, who doesn’t need to resolve to exercise more often?  Or quit drinking Dr Pepper for the 782nd time?  Might be me.  What can I say?  When someone is kind enough to give me a six-pack for Christmas, how can I not drink them, right?  LOL.  Anyway…six-pack is gone already, so I’m back to water and being good.  Although someone else gave me some money, so I guess I could always go pick up another…although that someone gets really disappointed when I pick up the non-water drinking habit again, so maybe I’ll stick to being good.  LOL!
Winking smile 

Woah…there’s that smiley face again. 

I really need to update the blog to reflect a new year again…since my last one didn’t catch up until like um….August. 

On a serious note, I hurt for people around me…seems like health problems, death, etc. seem to be hitting close to home…makes me more thankful for the life and health and etc. of those still here.  Sometimes it’s hard to hold on to the joy in the face of all the sadness and I just have to keep reminding myself that joy is not in the happy ever after, it’s in the hope not seen.  Faith.  The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.  I don’t know…just thoughts in my head…random, I know. 

Back to light random again…did ya’ll know that feeding your dogs canned pumpkin (the real thing, not pie filling) cures chocolate pudding problems really quickly?  LOL.  About as quickly as feeding them a piece of ham GIVES them chocolate pudding.  (ICK) 

I know how much ya’ll really wanted to know that.  I’m trying to do at least one good deed a day.  That was today’s…hahaaa…keep my good deeds to myself next time, right? 

KC slept in today until EIGHT-THIRTY!  That is SOOOO not normal.  I was joyful in the shower.  Usually he’s up before 7 (and that’s “sleeping in” for him) and downstairs on the treadmill and then I get up around 7:30 so I can get my shower before he finishes his miles.  But today I got up at 8:30 and when I came out of the shower, he was still in bed.  I didn’t feel like the lazy slug today AND I still got to sleep in…lololol!  When I went upstairs to get the K-man moving, he stretched, climbed down his ladder, and said, “Momma?  I slept up, didn’t I?”  LOL.  Slept UP. 

Oh and KC hacked my Photoshop and made it work after all.  Yippee.  =)  My IT guy is so good.  =) 

Alright…I’m going away now to see if I can update the blog before midnight. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Somebody put bleach water in my bottle of Febreeze that sits in the basket of frequently used items on my dryer.  Somebody didn’t label it.  It USED to be Febreeze.  I know because I use it frequently to freshen up things that aren’t washable…like the air after the dog toots.  And I keep it there BECAUSE it’s used frequently and I’m lazy like that and don’t like to get it out of the cabinet. 

The bottle of bleach water is in an old lysol spray bottle and is CLEARLY marked out with a sharpie and has “BLEACH” written all over it.  It’s in the cabinet because it is NOT used frequently. 

I don’t know when it was switched or why, because neither KC nor I did it….but I do know it was switched.  I know because as I was running out the door yesterday I sprayed my sweater pretty liberally with “febreeze.”  I sprayed it because it smelled slightly of greasy food.  It wasn’t dirty, just had that “I sat in a cafeteria for a few minutes” smell, so I febreezed it…that’s what febreeze is for.  LOL.  Unfortunately after about the fourth generous squirt, I thought…that’s funny, this doesn’t smell like febreeze. 

Oh dear.  My favorite sweater and one of my best jean skirts.  I immediately ran to the sink, peeling off the clothes as I went, and rinsed them out as fast as possible…

Those moments only happen when you’re running late.  So then I had to go find something else to wear.  And moan over the fact that I’d just sprayed bleach all over one of my best outfits. 

I’m pretty sure I rescued the clothes in time…only one spot on the jean skirt that I can find and the sweater looks amazingly unharmed.  But I can’t figure out how that febreeze turned into bleach? 

The last time that happened was sometime between 2002 and 2004 (I know this, because it was in our very first house on our very first bed).  And I sprayed it and the fabric on our very favorite comforter immediately spotted up.  I patched over it and put a matching patch on the other side.  We still have it.  It wasn’t as much of a favorite after that though.  And the last time, it was a person who put bleach in the febreeze bottle and didn’t label it. 

GRRR…Bleach has NO business being in a febreeze bottle.  That’s all I have to say about THAT! 

Monday, December 27, 2010

White Christmas

Well, it is wayyyy past my bedtime.  My computer clock just turned 12.  OUCH. 

I have hand cramps from editing pictures and I tried to upload to FB but apparently that’s not working right now.  Here are a couple of my favorites from this weekend since I don’t want to spend all that time and then not get ANY of IMG_9336e2webthem uploaded anywhere. 

The snow was so pretty.  I didn’t measure it or anything, but I’m guessing around nine inches. 

KC’s family ended up staying over since the snow was pouring down for 16 hours nonstop on Christmas day.  LOL. 

They wanted me to snap some pics before they left.  I love these of Aunt C and Uncle R…they aren’t 100% perfect shots (my camera seemed to want to focus on the snow falling in front of them instead of on THEM) but the pics are super sweet just the same. 

Then there’s these shots of the in-laws…which also turned out pretty good…IMG_9309ewebIMG_9318eweb

Another one of Aunt C and Uncle R, and then Pawpaw snapped a couple of us…
That’s my best “just got out of the shower and it didn’t wake me up” look…lol

After the family headed out today when the snowplows got the road decently cleared, the four of us went out and played in the snow for awhile.  Brrr…it was cooooold.  Munchkin and I made a snowman while KC cleared the driveway and K-man crawled around on his hands and knees with his face in the snow – eating it….thankfully, I didn’t see him eating any that was yellow….bwahahaha

IMG_9332ewebI made the snowman with ears and turned him into a cat with whiskers.  I wasn’t going to, but Munchkin made the head and it had this “growth” on one side, so I made a matching one and then it sorta looked like ears, so I just went with it.  LOL. 


Then there’s the dogs….their first snow.  To say they LOVE it is kind of an understatement.  The first time I walked them in it, it didn’t occur to me until I was doing the balance/skid/backflip/skid/balance act down the hill with them because they were so excited and jumping around in it, that perhaps that first walk should have been one at a time.  LOL.  After that, I let them out on the back deck and just blocked it off so they couldn’t get down the stairs…they ran and played till their feet froze and they wanted back in…


IMG_9363ewebI’m not sure what is up with my camera (possibly operator error) but it seems like my focus is off…I’ll have one random piece of picture in focus and then everything else will be blurry and when I try to bring it up to good sharpness, it gets all grainy.  Most of the pics I took during Christmas turned out like that.  Yuck.  These outside ones weren’t too bad though…except for the ones I tried to take when it was snowing…live and learn I guess.  =) 

Okay…I’m going to bed now.  =)

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Well.  I am so sad.  I tried to install my new upgrade and I can’t.  And now it’s opened so I can’t return it.  I can’t install it because I have the entire creative suite and they won’t let you upgrade a single component.  I am so disgusted. 

Anybody need to buy an upgrade for JUST Photoshop CS3 or CS4?  I’ve got CS5 and I can’t use it.  BOO.  =( 

Way to cap off my day.  PMS and now this.  Grrr. 

Oh and we’re snowed in…first white Christmas in NC since 1947.  Not that I was around then to know that. 

And I can’t even spend the snowed in time by playing with my photoshop upgrade. 

Ho. Ho.  Merry Christmas.  Today I’m the angry elf. 

But thanks anyway honey, for trying…I would have assumed that single components could be upgraded, too.  That’s a money racket!  *angry elf face*  ;-/  It was still a great Christmas present.  =)

Friday, December 24, 2010


I’m so tired.  Don’t ALL my posts start out like that?  Hopefully I’m not getting sick…I’d really not care for that. 

Christmas is almost was Christmas with my family and we opened a couple of ours, too.  Hang on.  Get this. 


Probably about only 3 people who read this blog know what I’m talking about…but for digiscrappy geeks like me, it’s the best thing since sliced bread!  The upgrade for Photoshop. 

I can’t wait to load and play.  Maybe soon…gotta get through Christmas.  =) 


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Going on Ten

LOL.  Happy Anniversary to my sweet honey.  Nine years.  Hard to believe it’s been that long.  And now we’re going on ten.  Old married couple…that’s us.  Ha. 

I was going to do this really long detailed post for our anniversary…and then we spent all evening hanging stuff on the walls.  After a year in this house, we are finally getting around to that.  LOL. 

And then I put the kids to bed and the headache stayed up with me so I’m not really in the mood to say much now….  Um…the headache in my head, not calling the hubby a headache, promise.  LOL! 

Really really tempted to go make hot chocolate or something.  And take some excedrin.  *sigh* 

Oh well.  Mama said there’d be days like that. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

The dogs are doing what i wanna be doing right now. Sitting and relaxing. Lol. They are all fresh and soft...they had a shower and shampoo this am. :-) Love it!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Or as my friend, Wally says: “because you just NEVER know!”  (LOL)

I give you fair warning, any posting that occurs for the next couple of weeks is liable to be mega-random…as has been the case for pretty much the whole of this month’s posts. 

As the preacher always says, “We don’t lock the doors. You can leave anytime.”  Of course, no one ever walks out…and I’m pretty sure it’s more because no one wants anyone to see them walk out.  But ya’ll don’t have that problem.  No one can see you over there, so you can just click away now and no one will be the wiser.  Winking smile  Whoa.  Where did that smiley face come from?  Does anyone besides me see that as a round circle winkey face instead of the “emoticon” that is typical of typing? 

That right there is what I mean by random.  So far so good.  Right on target. 

Speaking of preachers…ours was a…well…let’s just say he rained on some parades tonight.  Some needed to be rained on.  ROFL.  Except mine.  Mine didn’t need to be rained on.  Haha.  And I’m not so sure he was exactly right about busting my bubble…I mean, we don’t know for SURE that dogs don’t go to heaven, or that there won’t be any animals in heaven.  I mean, they’re part of God’s creation, just like the flowers and we all assume there will be beautiful flowers up there even though flowers quite obviously don’t have a soul. Winking smile  But even if I don’t 100% agree about something, I have enough wits about me not to throw a 5 year old fit and stop up my ears and pout all service long about my parade getting rained out.  LOL.  I’m sorry, but if you’re balding, you’re much too old to be literally doing that in church and distracting people (like me).  And ya’ll, I am not even kidding.  I wish I were.  I’m sure the preacher wishes I were, too.  Poor guy, he gets all the nutcases.  =)  That’s why I usually never say a word when I don’t agree…poor fella has enough people saying words. 

KC on the other hand, has no problem saying words.  The other day we were at the mall.  (by the way, I deSPISE the mall at this time of year…YUCK)  ANYway, someone was kind enough to park sideways in the parking next to us when we came back out to our vehicle.  Mind you, I’m skinny and I could barely walk between the back ends of our vehicles.  Now the front end had enough room for me to open my door and get in, but they parked so crooked that the back end of their car was on our side of the white line.  I made the comment to KC that they needed parking lessons.  I would probably never actually say that to them, but not my honey.  He left a note.  I could have died.  “You said it,” he says.  ?!?

I love random.  Randomosis.  The condition of being random.  I’ve got that. 

Is there a condition of writing sentence fragments?  I feel so naughty. I hated English.  One of my biggest pet peeves is that you’re not supposed to end sentences in prepositions but rephrasing those sentences so that the preposition is not ending the sentence always makes them sound cheesy.  And now I’m aggravated because I can’t think of a good example of that…grrr. 

I finally broke down and drank a Dr. Pepper on Friday.  And I had one tonight because my hubby ordered it.  No more though.  I will go back to being good.  I lost track of the days (?! I know right ?!) but I’m pretty sure it was around 6 weeks or so…I know it was around 2 weeks before thanksgiving. 

I’m weird.  If you’re still here and reading this, you might be, too.  LOL.  Anyway, it’s 10:41 and I’m taking Her Randomness (not to be confused with Her Highness, which is KC’s cat…although I suppose I could also be called that, too, when you consider that I can’t wear my very low-heeled boots without being half a head taller than every last girl in the choir…which is another weird pet peeve of mine…but I digress)…anyway…I’M GOING TO BED!

Night…Winking smile

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I’m killing myself.  I have not even realized that I did the whole “missing blogger” thing for like 3 days in a row.  Ouch.

The house is making my OCD a little nuts, too.  I can’t do it all in one day and sometimes I don’t even want to start because it’s such a daunting task.  I’m trying though.  I put on my to-do list to sweep and mop and pretty much totally clean ONE room.  So I started sweeping that room…and I couldn’t just stop…all our floors kinda connect.  By the time I finished, I had swept the entire main level AND vacuumed it all, too.  *sigh*  But I DID manage to stop myself on mopping after 3 rooms and half a hallway.  So now I have the other half of hallway plus 3 rooms.  Confession: I had to stop mopping because I was out of time, not because I managed to stop myself.  LOL.  It made my OCD mad. 

I was also slightly distressed that I didn’t actually totally clean ANY room.  *sigh* 

OH WELL.  One can only do so much.  =/ 

Munchkin was out of school today.  Roads were icy this morning.  The phone call came at 5:45.  Naturally Munchkin heard the phone at 5:45.  She never hears the alarm on school mornings at 6:20 and I have to drag her out of bed.  But today…not a chance of her staying in bed.  I was like…go figure…the morning I can sleep in…

On the bright side, she did sit quietly for several hours this morning and listened to Adventures in Odyssey while I did school with K-man and worked on transferring and backing up all my files.  I have a new computer…well, it’s KC’s old one…it’s like huge.  I miss my little one, but I’m not mad about all the extra space for documents and pics.  =) 

Random post I know. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dining Out

Overheard conversation between the kids playing with play food.  Coffee table is set up like a table setting…

“I’ll be taking care of you today.  If you need anything else, just let me know and I’ll get it for you.”  -Munchkin

“I’ll take a large order of peace and quiet…” –KC

“We’re in a restaurant!!!”  -K-man

“Is there anything you’d like me to take for you?” –Munchkin

ROFL!  Do we eat out enough?  Obviously so…lol!

Friday, December 10, 2010

No no no

Please not again.  It’s like the pain that used to be in my right shoulder has just relocated…to my left shoulder.  And it’s killing me.  Oh I do not want another shot.  Maybe if I just take advil and don’t move my arm. 

I am so tired.  They are having revival at church this week and we didn’t go the last couple nights but we went tonight.  Didn’t get out until 9:45 and then ended up talking to a couple people before we left so it was 11 when we got home.  Poor dogs.  We left at 4 today to take the kids up to MIL’s and she cooked supper for us (YUM) so the dogs were in their crate for a long time tonight.  And I know they need to run around and stretch their legs for a few minutes before going back in for the night, but I am ready to go to bed!  *sigh* 

I don’t know what all to say…I have a lot on my mind but have no way to say it on here.  Even saying innocent things gets me in trouble anymore…lol.  I was a little bitter about that earlier this week but right now I’m too tired to feel anything but sleepy.  =) 

Goodnight now…=) 

Wednesday, December 08, 2010



Taking a cue from my dog now….


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

More Than One

Heard this song on the radio on my way home from Sister’s Night Out tonight.  Thankfully I didn’t know all the words, since it’s a bee-boppin song and I was driving in the car alone, so I couldn’t sing along and get in trouble for driving at a bee-boppin pace.  LOL. 

ANYWAY, it’s one I haven’t heard in years, but it’s a good one…

You’ve got to count your blessings—You’ll find one if you try.
Count on the Lord and watch those blessings multiply
Those might-have, could-have, should-have-beens are nothing but distressing,
When you’re down and out—it’s time to count your blessings.

Love it!  I have lots, I’d be counting for awhile.  Even just TONIGHT’S blessings would keep me busy for awhile.  Sister’s night out was fun.  Eating breakfast for supper at “Uncle Bob’s.”  Ordering their “bottomless caramel mocha” which was SINFULLY delish (until refill number 3 at which I began to get nauseous and had to quit…lol)!  Shopping at Tar-jay without any kids.  A wonderful hubby who watched the kids and put them to bed before I even got home (hallelujah!).  Getting to work with a friend for a whole day.  Getting some Christmas cards made.  Another friend who lets me borrow her cricut (another hallelujah)….well, lots of blessings, have I. 

Not a whole lot else going on…I have got to get my to-do list done tomorrow.  Will have to make myself get up early (and stay up…bummer…lol).  Anywho…I stayed up today and did alright.  Wheesht.  Nothing else to say right now.  Goodnight. 

Monday, December 06, 2010


It’s a disease.  I have a very bad case of it.  One of the symptoms is when you’re writing a blog post, you jump around from topic to topic without warning.

Just another day…I didn’t get everything on my list done.  Feels like I’m still behind, but the laundry pile is a lot smaller and a good bit of it actually got put away (whoo-eee!) and the floors and some of the counters are clean again.  And we have bread and milk.  And I got the bank and post office errands checked off.  So at least SOME of my stuff got done.

I saw an elephant in the clouds today.  He looked like he was laughing.  I’m assuming it was a he.  Maybe it was a she.  I didn’t have my camera, so I can’t show it to you. 

I need to get hopping on all my Christmas projects.  It’s fast approaching.  How is that possible? 

Munchkin’s class is doing an ornament exchange…so now I have to take her somewhere and have her buy an ornament to take to school to exchange with a classmate.  It’s a neat idea, but just something else to add to my to-do list. 

I haven’t had a Dr Pepper in feels like forever.  Feels like forever = 3 weeks.  *sigh*

I’m going to go look at Kohls online now…KC says they’re having a good deal. 

Randomitis.  Good thing it’s not deadly. 

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Drive

Took me a little longer than usual to get home tonight.  I was driving through one of the little burgs that we have to drive through to get to church…the ones that are speed traps because the posted speed is 35mph and your car always wants to do at least 50…anyways, so I decided to take one of those leisurely out-of-the-way drives. 

Well, see, here’s the story: it was just me and K-man in the car (KC wasn’t feeling good and stayed home with the Munchkin) and BECAUSE it was just the other two of us in the car, I was singing a bee-boppin church song from tonight’s service and was bee-bopping along at a pace which matched the bee-boppin song without realizing that I was already in that little speed trap town.  And then there was the moment when I suddenly noticed the car that just went by me (going the other direction) and that there were reflective stickers on the side of that car that read “highway patrol” and then I looked at my speed and…

Then I decided to take a fork in the road that was just a “different” way home…to um…look at some Christmas lights.  LOL.  I haven’t told KC this part of the story…yet…lol.  Not that it’s a secret or anything.  =)  Because he always thinks I’m the only one that ever goes by a cop while doing 50 in a 35…and I will have you know that he is guilty just as often as I—only he never gets caught.  Watch…this will be the day he decides to read my blog.  LOL…KC, if you’re reading this, then HI HONEY!  I LOVE YOU! *GRIN*  And honey, you have to admit, there have been a few instances where YOU’VE taken a detour to avoid a speeding ticket, so no getting mad, okay?  ;-)

Tonight, I took a page out of his book—and didn’t get caught.  ;-)  THANK GOD!  I did have a moment of panic when I wasn’t sure where I was, out in the middle of no-where, with an empty tank of gas, and by myself in the dark, but I didn’t panic.  I just turned on the GPS and decided that my little detour was perfect because it took me out and around and right by the gas station.  ;-)  So I just went to get gas…the long way.   

LOL.  Dear God, thank you for watching out for me, in spite of every moment of ditzy carelessness that I seem to be all too capable of…

My Jesus knows just what I need.  Oh yes, He knows just what I need.
He satisfies and every need supplies, Yes, He knows just what I need.

I was thankful already tonight, but there’s just one MORE thing to be thankful for…lol. 

K-man cracked me up on the way home though…

”MOM!  I saw a NIGHT LIGHT!  A CHRISTMAS night light!”

“The clawwwww…you have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful.” (he was quoting toy story out of the blue…lol) 

“I love water!  And milk.  And juice.  And watermelon.  Because it’s red.  And cheeseburgers.”  (he’s so random…I wonder where he gets that?  LOL!)

I love cheeseburgers, too.  (teehehe)  Goodnight.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

What a Day!

I am so tired.  I didn’t even get online until just now.  This is becoming more and more of a habit, this OFFLINE business.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad…I feel really disconnected sometimes.  But I guess it’s a good thing every now and then. 

Today we (the kids, puppies, and I—not the hubby—lol) slept in till 8…was so nice.  Then I got up and started moving around…kids breakfasts, puppies feeding and potty walk, my shower, kids showers, yada yada.  We had plans for this afternoon and I didn’t have anything better to do, so I decided to actually FIX my hair since it was supposed to be just cold, not raining.  By the way, you people who always see me with straight hair…there is a reason—like the fact that every stinking time I make an effort to DO something to my hair, the weather ruins it.  It was dry as the Sahara desert here at the house, but in the town several hours away, it was dumping snow and in case no one knows this already, snow works like rain and when you get 15 minutes of heavy snow on your head from walking the distance between the $8.00 parking and the door to the coliseum, it doesn’t shake off, you just pretty much look like you got out of the shower.  And in my case, when that happens…well, all that effort just goes down the drain.  HUMPH. 

Where was I?  Ah yes, my day.  Well, while I was getting everybody ready, the hubby went to town and picked up a dog lot that we set up in the garage for the puppies since we were going to be gone for longer than a couple of hours.  That was a blast to get set up and put together in a limited amount of time.  LOL.  But it was better than trying to chain the dogs up outside or leaving them in their crate for 9 hours straight.  Poor babies.  The garage doesn’t get super cold though, so they were fine when we got back.  =) 

Then it was off for big city that is hours away to see Disney’s Toy Story 3 on Ice…it was adorable!  The kids loved it.  We didn’t tell them what we were doing until we were inside and seated.  LOL…we are so mean.  But they had a good time.  We went with a bunch of friends, although we really didn’t get to “visit” all that much since we all drove separately.  We did all eat together afterwards though, which was fun! 

And I only worried a *LITTLE* while we were gone.  LOL.  Thank the Lord for that!  =)  And since laughter is good like a medicine, here’s something that made me laugh today:
garfield christmas1 Have a good night, ya’ll! =)

PS thanks for the encouraging words on my last post.  =) I know I’m never alone because Jesus is with me, but it’s nice to know I’m not “alone” in my worrying tendencies.  =) 

Friday, December 03, 2010

Why Worry

I think the song finishes with “when you can pray” but I think the real answer is that it’s because there are simply SO many things to worry ABOUT. 

BUT…praying is a better answer, (Philippians 4:6) and although I’ve already been doing that, perhaps I should just start praying that I won’t worry so much. 

I hate being a worrier…I’d rather not, but it’s so stinkin difficult sometimes.  Am I the only person who will get three miles from home and turn around and drive all the way back to their house to make sure the garage door shut all the way because they don’t remember double checking it?  Or the only person who goes to work and can’t remember if they turned off the iron, so they worry all day that the cat will knock it off and it will start a fire?  Or the only person who worries that all the conspiracy theories might be true?  LOL. 

I really do try not to worry.  At least about things I can’t control.  I just worry that I might do—or NOT do—something I COULD have controlled and something bad will happen and I will regret it for the rest of my life.  Or at least for a few days.  Or years.  Or even worse, that it will negatively affect someone I love for an indefinite amount of time…I just worry.

*biting nails*  Some days are worse than others on the worry scale. 

I hate worry. I just read this devotional and boy, is it exactly what I need.  Whew…think I’ll just go pray now.  And if I do it in bed, perhaps I will just peacefully fall to sleep.  =) 

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Tonight at supper (which FYI was rice and baked beans for me and Munchkin, sandwiches for the honey, mini frozen burgers for the K-man…gotta cater to my picky eaters, you know…lol):

K-man has his mini cheeseburgers on his plate and I’m dishing out the rice and beans to myself and the Munchkin. 

K-man: “Mom, what’s in that one?” pointing at the pot
Mom: “Beans.  That’s why I fixed you cheeseburgers.”
“I want some.”
“BEANS?!  …..Um…okay.” prepares to scoop
”Just one.”
“You mean just a little?”
”No, just one.”
”ONE bean?!?”
“Well, alright.” singles out one solitary baked bean and plops it on his plate
”Thank you.”
”You’re welcome, now get busy eating.”

momentary silence

K-man picks up the little round bean and puts in his mouth.  His face crinkles up and he visibly gags and then swallows it down. 

Dad: “How was it?”
K-man: “Good.”
Mom: “Want some more?”
K-man: “No, thank you.”

LOL….we cracked up.  At least he was polite about it and TRIED something different.  I have hope for less embarrassing future social interactions now… ROFL!  SOOOO funny!

Oh…also so funny…I was informed by Munchkin that she fell in love today.  Her little friend on the bus told her he loved her “with his own mouth and then he gave me the ‘I love you’ sign.” today…so now she doesn’t just LIKE him, she is IN LOVE!  LOLOL!