Thursday, November 25, 2010


Going through photos for the year.  Some months I took LOTS of pictures…and then some months…well…I haven’t been so hot on photos this month.  OH WELL. 

It’s making me a little sad though…the puppies were…ahem…PUPPIES just a few months ago. 

And happy, too…the house was in desperate need for a complete paint job just a few months ago…LOL!  Not so much now.  YAY!  =) 

And a few times, I’ve laughed.  Like when I looked at all the PROJECT photos I took this year.  And remembered the day that K-man took a jug out to the recycle bin for me and cheerfully said, “that’s right, mama, reduce, reUSE, REEEcycle!”  Bwahahaha….We do a lot of re-USING around here.  Love it!  =)

It ended up being much later than I thought it was and I’m still not finished, so the blog post that was in my mind is zapped.  I will hopefully come back tomorrow.  LOL. 

Oh and I’m thankful that my sore throat is feeling better.  =)  And that Munchkin’s sore throat is feeling better.  And that so far, no one else is sick. 

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