Monday, November 08, 2010


So much for being rid of bursitis.  Yikes.  But see, here’s the thing.  There are things that must be done.  And I can’t exactly not do them when they are there and must be done and I’m the only one there to get it done. 

I won’t complain though…it’s still not as bad as it was when I broke down and went to see the doc.  Although, when I wake up in the morning, I wouldn’t be very surprised if it was that bad again.  LOL. 

Mostly because I cleaned out the garage today…which involved lifting and carrying some junk downstairs.  But it had to be done because we really need to park in the garage now that it’s getting down to frost season.  =) 

Oh yeah and then I helped the hubby move a loveseat and recliner and cabinet downstairs.  Those things weren’t heavier than a jug of milk…not much anyway.  LOL! 

Tomorrow I may be thankful for Advil. 

But tonight, I’m thankful for a hot shower and Dr. Pepper.  I have drank lots of water today, so I don’t feel real guilty about going right now and pouring meself a glass.  =)  And I’m gonna be thankful every second while I drink it.  ;-) 



  1. call me next time.... i'll come help you clean up and organize. :) i can lift the heavy stuff and you can pour the dr pepper. yep... sounds like a plan to me.


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