Sunday, November 14, 2010

Light, Cheap, & Random

Strangely enough, I’m not as hungry right now as I thought I’d be…today I have consumed an oatmeal pie and coffee (breakfast); a spicy chicken go-wrap, eight fries, and a dr pepper (lunch); and 2 chicken wraps, 4 fries, and a dr pepper (supper).  And actually, the dr pepper was only because I’m trying to finish up this 2 liter at home so that I won’t have to throw it out…going cold turkey tomorrow.  The goal is a week of WATER ONLY.  *sigh* 

And all I can say is I certainly hope my scale is nicer to me by the end of next week.  If I wasn’t tall, I’d be fat.  Not that I’m huge or anything, but I’m sure NOT loving the extra 10 pounds that showed up in the last 2 weeks.  GRRR.  Scary…plus the bursitis is back and if I have to take that medicine again that makes me super hungry again, I’ll really be in trouble.  That’s what started this whole thing anyway.  =( 

So tonight, after ordering our second drive-thru meal of the day, KC looked at me and said…I could get used to this eating cheap.  I was like, eating cheap?  We’re just NOT EATING, DUDE!  LOL.  Of course that’s cheap!  Hahaha!  We really did do good today though…the four of us ate TWICE on what one fast food meal typically costs.  Hey. Not too shabby.  =) 

Random change of subject…my monster puppies learned how to play fetch with the tennis ball in the last couple of days.  I throw it across the basement and they run to get it and bring it back.  It’s so cool!  =)  Oh and on the not cool side, Obi has regressed and I have to keep track of him all the time now because he sneaks away to poo even after he’s gone outside like a good boy…how do I fix that?  I have caught him in the act and scolded the fire out of him, he only runs loose in the house IF he has pottied outside, and yet, he still does it.  *SIGH*  Annoying. 

Another random change of subject, the basement annoyed me today.  It was a wreck and it made me crazy.  And my poor anal hubby wasn’t bothered a bit.  Which is mainly what bothered me the most because I usually don’t have to be bothered by stuff like that because HE is and he FIXES it before I ever feel annoyed by it.  =) 

SO here’s my thankful thing for today:  I’m thankful my hubby didn’t get (too) angry with me when I went ballistic over the disaster of a family room today and instead he helped me arrange it into a livable (for the time being) set-up.  Yay for a darling hubby. ;-)  Yay also for me getting over my ballistic moment.  ;-)  My hubby says yay for that, too.  Although he doesn’t actually use the word “yay.”  He’s much too sophisticated for that.  LOL.  Oh well.  I love him anyway.  =)


  1. Hold Obi's nose down to his "no-no" while scolding. You can also spank him with a rolled up news paper while (or after) doing that. It worked with our dog when she was younger. And of course I'm not talking abuse, but dogs are like children, they need a spanking now and again. ;o)

  2. sorry about obi. i have no clue about dogs. i'm still trying to figure out adorable obstinate little boys. lol.

    if you figure it out though, let me know.


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