Friday, November 19, 2010

Go Figure

*sigh*  I just spent a good hour making a new header for the ol’ blog.  And the next thing I know…”blip” …and Photoshop is… (not responding).  Goodbye, last hour.  Oh well.  Guess “Summer” will hang around on my blog for a few more days. 

ANYWAY!  I am so tired…again.  But my shoulder is SO much better today.  I’m seriously trying to rest it.  But there’s just one problem…in a few weeks, I’m gonna have to call my doctor back.  “Um…yes, doc, can you give me a shot in my OTHER arm?”  Cuz…well…I can’t exactly TOTALLY rest…it’s not in my character.  So I’ve just been using my LEFT arm to do everything.  Like moving couches and loveseats and vacuuming and….um.  Moving on…

I AM thankful though, that the shot seems to have helped my shoulder!  Now if I can just rest it for a week so it will STAY better.  That is going to be the tricky part.  =)  Oh, and I’m also thankful that we didn’t lose any furniture off the back of the truck on I-85 in the middle of 3 lanes of heavy traffic, even though AFTER we got off of 85 and stopped to check the load, we realized one of the straps had just totally came undone.  *wincing*  And I didn’t turn into a total basket case during the event either…my knuckles were white and my leg will never be the same, but I managed without totally falling apart.  And our basement is really coming together now…I’m thankful for THAT, too.  =) 

And now, my sore left arm, my crippled right arm, and my sleepy eyes are going to bed…hopefully the rest of me will follow. 


  1. LOL! Hope you got some rest!!! And I hate it when Photoshop blips out. It totally stinks.

  2. Oh, I hate that when photoshop quits responding! That happened to me a couple weeks ago and I had to re-do all the pictures I had just been trying to resize and watermark! Tis a pain. Speaking of which...I hope you get the rest you need too! Quit working so hard! Think that arm will effect any scrapbooking skills?

  3. glad your shoulder is doing some better. yay.

    sorry about the header thing. that's a real bummer for sure.


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