Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Difference Between Boys And Girls

Alternate Title: Horrifying on SO Many Levels

           BOY playing Star Wars           VS         GIRL playing Star Wars
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So tonight, Munchkin had her SW peoples and was playing quietly in church…I looked down and was horrified to see her making her SW peoples making out with each other.  ACK.  IN CHURCH.  Oh the horror.  To make it worse, it was the good little jedi girl and the bad guy bounty hunter!  I just hope it wasn’t the first date!  LOL…the sermon this morning touched on getting physical too fast when dating…maybe that’s where she came up with this idea.  Haha.  I guess it’s better to laugh than cry, right?  
ACW_IA_9994 cad-bane

I tried to comfort myself with the fact that I played with barbie dolls when I was a kid and made them kiss and stuff…so maybe it’s not all that abnormal.  But PLEASE, child!  NOT IN CHURCH.   Although I guess that’s probably not any better than killing all the clones dead with lightsabers…in church.  LOL!  OH YEAH…and let’s not forget…we don’t date the bad guys, okay?

*please excuse the first two photos…i snapped them with my phone.  =)

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