Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Oh dear.  It has been a day. 

We went to DSS this morning to meet a toddler to see if we would be interested in taking him.  He was a cute bugger, but there were multiple factors playing into it that we just couldn’t overlook.  He was the baby brother of the two that we took two years ago that I couldn’t deal with…and although that wasn’t really any problem, the fact that those two siblings are STILL up in the air with their case because their judge won’t finish the process in a timely manner throws up some serious red flags for us (they have the same judge as K-man had).  I’m just not ready to go through the long drawn out battle again right now.  Plus, he was LITTLE.  I’m not about the baby thing now that things have calmed down again, PLUS I got rid of every last bit of things for 12-15 month old toddlers, PLUS our dogs are huge…and he was NOT…that’s just a recipe for disaster.  So we said no.  I felt terrible but I’d rather say no if I don’t have a good feeling that it would work out instead of shuffling him through another home after I figure out the hard way that it wouldn’t work. 

I’ve had a headache all day.  Not a killer headache that makes you curl up in a ball and cry, but the kind that makes you stay in your jammies for the rest of the day and not feel like doing anything.  It also makes you wish for something good to read while you don’t feel like doing anything.  *sigh*  Chest is tight, too…I’m not sure what’s the cause for that, but it’s annoying. 

I did piddle around on the internet for awhile…found a few links that I may revisit and try in the near future.

  • Cork board redo (I have a corkboard that is desperate for a face lift and this would be perfect!) 
  • Autumn Subway Art (I am loving the subway art idea right now, and I like the words they used for this one…might need to copy! ;-)
  • Pumpkin Faces Craft (the kids would LOVE these and how adorable are they!?!)

And now I’m going to go take round three of advil/ibuprofen and another glass of water. 

Oh, one more bit of random, I found a pair of Dr. Pepper jammie pants in NY and bought them.  They are like 3 sizes too big but boy are they comfortable.  They are also making my mouth water ALL the TIME…and I don’t have ANY Dr. Pepper to make it better.  *SIGH* 


  1. :) i would love to have the time and space to do a few crafts. make sure to take pix of your finished projects, k? :0)

  2. your blog and your photos are so fun! :)


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