Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Marvelous Grace

IMG_8204webI’m not sure what happened to this picture to make only the very center be in focus…this was taken after I dropped that lens, so perhaps that would explain it all…*sigh*

Anyways, the story of my life these days…KC just asked me if there was any other expensive pieces of equipment I’d like to drop…that was right after I stood up five minutes ago and my computer fell off the couch (it’s not broken, thank GOD!).  KC needs more practice at rubbing things in…he’s not very good at that at ALL!  :-O 

However, while I’m not so great in the “grace” department (I’m not sure if I was born on Tuesday or not, if I was, God forgot to follow the recipe…you know…Tuesday’s child is full of grace?), I have become rather skilled in the critter capture and disposal. 

Mr. Skink up there was a capture and release…he jumped out of the sink cabinet in the basement when I opened it to clean the other day and nearly gave me a heart attack.  Once I got over that, I trapped him in a jar and took him outside and let him go.  Okay, so he got a ten minute lecture about never returning to my cabinet if he valued his life, and then I took a picture, and detained him in solitary confinement for a few hours to help him realize the seriousness of his infraction waited til KC got home so he could see how brave I was the lizard, and THEN let him go.

Then there was the ELEVEN black widows that we found all cozied up in the rock border in front of our house a week and a half ago.  (Well, KC killed most of those…I didn’t get brave until we got to Spiders 9 through 11…lol)  I didn’t take pictures of those, but rest assured, they (AND the little baby spider sacs with them) are perfectly squished and buried, never to rise again.  Except in my dreams.  *shudder*  A couple of nights ago, I had one of those dreams, where I was trying to get away from somebody (cuz you know all the best dreams have dreadful chase scenes, where you’re running but you never quite get away) and everywhere I tried to hide, the black widows were crawling all over me…EEK.  And then there was the disposing…have you ever killed a black widow?  They’re like little balloons…and when you squish them, they pop.  *shudder*  It’s the stuff nightmares are made of….

And yesterday…giant wolf spider in the garage.  Almost stepped on him.  Without  shoes on.  Then I saw him and I might have screamed…a little….and then I picked up a board and flattened him.  You know he was a big’un because all shriveled up in that dead spider pose, he’s still the size of a quarter.  (FYI: That picture ain’t of the one on my garage floor…just a random google image of a wolf spider to help you with YOUR nightmares…I know…you love me.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to thank me for this helpful visual.)

Still…I could do with a little less critter control and a little more in the grace department.  It happens so rarely, but I can actually hear KC agreeing with me.



  1. *shutter* YES, we could have done without the spider visual. Along with that and your post, makes my toes curl! The lizard episode would have given me a heart attach too! Wow. You've really been through it with these little critters. And the dream is not helping! I had a dream sort of like that once. Only in mine I woke up at seriously thought I had millions of daddy-long legs all over me and my bed. When I actually woke up and realized it was all a bad dream...I still couldn't quite relax. I know daddy-long legs are quite the scare as a black widow...but they still are the most poison-ness spider out there. Thank the good Lord, He did not give them a bigger mouth! LOL.

  2. ooohhh.... i despise spiders. they give me the hibby-jibbies. as for the black widows.... we had one in our sandbox, about an inch from Levi's barefoot. that's scary.

    love ya friend!


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