Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life Is Short

Eat dessert first. 

I talked to my dad this afternoon.  He said he talked to my uncle in NY and grandma didn’t eat much yesterday and today she stayed in bed all day.  That’s not like her – the staying in bed all day part.

When we were up there, we all tried to get her to eat substantial food (which is totally important, by the way) and she would eat a few bites and then say she was full.  But if you mentioned dessert or chocolate, her eyes would light up and she forgot all about being full. 

So, I went out and bought chocolates and sweets for her.  I got the biggest smiles out of her when I brought them in, too…she bopped me on the nose and called me honeybunch, like she did when I was a kid.  “Oh, you honeybunch, you.”  LOL.  And then she ate them.  With not a single complaint about being full.  =)

But it’s like I told dad, if this is really the end of her life, and if chocolate brings some kind of happiness, then why not let her have chocolate?  When you look at a life that is almost over and now consists of four walls and a recliner, why eat broccoli?  Not that there’s a thing wrong with broccoli, and heaven knows, she’s going to starve to death if she doesn’t eat something, for sure, but if I were in the last days of my life, HEY – bring on the chocolate! 

It’s true, even a long life on earth is still just a blink, and none of us are guaranteed another day…so thank you, Lord, for today and every day you bless me and my family with life. 

Now, could someone please pass the chocolate?


  1. Love your post! Life is hard when we see it coming to an end for those we love... At the end of the day, chocolate is way more important than broccoli! Just saying... broccoli has yet to get any female through her period, a break-up, or a stressful day at work. :) Good post!

  2. Right on! Hello chocolate, goodbye broccoli! :o) Sorry about your Grandma, but we learned the same thing with mine. She didn't eat a whole lot of healthy foods there toward her latter days, but boy did she crave the sugars! Hey something is indeed better than nothing.

  3. sorry about your g-ma's failing health, friend. i still miss mine. :'o(

    i think about mike's g-ma nearly everyday. there are reminders of her splashed throughout our house...and every time i use a towel she made or cover up with her quilt..or sit on her rocker, i smile.

    i think it's important to hold onto the good memories we have with those we love, otherwise the sadness would be overwhelming.

    {{hug}} want me to bring you some chocolate???? :o)


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