Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In The Mood

I’m so not in the mood to blog tonight…it’s really the first night I’ve honestly felt that way since I challenged myself to blog every day for a month, and this is day 19, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.  LOL. 

What I AM in the mood to do right now is EAT.  Oh my word.  I’m not hungry but I am.  UGH.  Maybe I’ll go grab a handful of grapes.  At least that would be better than another handful of chocolate.  ;-)

Okay…lets see where this giant handful of grapes puts me.

Um….still not in the mood to say much actually…and now I’m restricted to one hand typing since my other hand is full of grapes… >:-/IMG_8508web

How bout a picture…

That’s my reclaimed wreath…thank you to my MIL’s yard sale pile again.  =)  The pieces in it are from $ Tree and there were 5 bunches that I cut apart and stuck in it.  So it did cost me five bucks but it looks less cheesy than the wally world one that I saw for TEN!  LOL! 

I’m not sure if I wanna use this shot in the photo hunt or not…I’d like to find a better one but if I don’t, I guess I could fall back on this one. 

I’m still working on the photos…having a little block on that angle, too…harumph.  Just not in the mood, I guess.  LOL.  Hopefully I’ll find my groove in NY this weekend.  Maybe leaving the kids at home and just having my camera to babysit for the weekend will perk up my creative bent.  Gonna miss the kids though…Munchkin has already been asking me when we’re coming back and we haven’t even left yet.  Of course, I think she was only concerned with how long she gets to sleep in my bed, but I’m gonna pretend I don’t know that.  ;-)  *sigh* 

Okeydokey…I’m gone now.  Gotta love on my dogs for a minute before I go to bed.  =)

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  1. Love your wreath! You did an awesome job! :o)


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