Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Night

I’m not sure what it is, but it doesn’t matter how hard I try to get done with my list of things to do after I put the kids in bed, it never seems to happen and before I know it, there I am again at 11:02 and the hubby has given up and is snoring in the chair.  fruit gameweb

Tonight--it was Sunday School.  I am usually the assistant for my amazing friend, but she put together the fall fest this week (which was where we were tonight and why I didn’t get this done sooner) and needed me to take over the SS lesson for Sunday. 

So I thunk and thunk and finally settled on a fruit of the spirit game…and then I had to come up with the rules and print out the game pieces and….well, you get the idea.  It’s fairly simple and I’m using Moral Scenario cards from another game and just sorting them into characteristics that lean toward specific fruits of the spirit.  We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.  Our class has been talking about fruits of the spirit for several weeks now, so it kinda flows…lol.  Teaching isn’t my gift…I’d much rather assist, but for my friend, I’ll step out of my comfort zone.  ;-)  

I was hoping I could figure this out faster and still have time to go through my pictures to see what I still need to work on for the photo hunt, but now I’m tired and I’ll have to get up early for church tomorrow, so I guess I’ll try to get it done after church. 

I think I have most of the pictures for the hunt, but I’m not positive until I go through and edit some of them to see if they will work.  I’m not doing it tonight though.  Tonight I’m getting OFF the computer.  ;-) 


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  1. awwww... you're sweet. thank you for doing the SS thing. how did the game turn out? did the kids love it???


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