Friday, October 08, 2010

A Day and A Half

Woosh.  I am so ready for bed.  Again.  Twice in one day, that I’m ready for bed…lol. 

I got up this morning and was surprisingly awake and in a good mood.  That’s always a recipe for disaster.  Sure enough, I was walking back from the bus stop and my good mood deflated faster than you can say boo.  There were two cars coming at the same time down our street (which NEVER happens that early in the morning) so I stepped off into somebody’s yard to let them pass.  Turns out I stepped into the owner of one of those car’s yard. 

And he proceeded to roll down his window and blast me for letting my dog poop in his yard.  I was like, huh?  NO!  And the guy was like I just watched him do it and I was like, no way, he was peeing…as I hurried the dogs back onto the pavement and the dude went on up his driveway.  I was pretty sure that nothing had slipped out while she was peeing, and sure enough, when I got down to the empty lot where they usually go, both dogs did their business like good puppies, so I’m positive they didn’t do anything bad in the dude’s lawn. 

Just made me so grouchy…so I helped K-man with his school and got it wrapped up quick and then decided to go back to sleep and try the whole thing again.  LOL.  Second time around went better.  I was actually motivated (except for still being a little annoyed at grouchy neighbor) and dug out the paint and cleaning supplies and did a little bit of cleaning upstairs and then painted the one last room upstairs that had not been painted yet.  Yay! 

Munchkin’s fall fest at school was tonight…the kids enjoyed that…and I did, too, except for being extremely worn out. 

Now I’m ready for bed again but I have to wait until K-man’s cake comes out of the oven.  Trying to get a head start on tomorrow.  I’m already late with his little cake and presents thing, but since it’s his year for a small party anyway, we just worked it around our schedule. 

Speaking of cake, I think I smell it…I should go check.  Later!


  1. I wonder if the grouchy neighbor ever went and checked to see if the dog pooped in his yard or not. If he had he would have been sorry (at least I hope) for making you grouchy. *sigh* Glad you got a second try to your day though. I hate days like that when you wake up feel'n fine and then someone does or says something to you that completely turns your day the other way. What kind of cake did you bake?

  2. You are too young to be so tired! Just wait until you hit 40. Multi-vitamins here you come!
    Love ya.

  3. Sorry about your neighbor. It's hard to turn your mood around after it's been deflated. Hard but not impossible. If you figure out how to do it, let me know. :) Glad the second go-round was better than the first.

    Looking forward to smooching the birthday boy. :)

    Love you chicka.


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