Friday, October 15, 2010


I don’t typically talk about church stuff on this blog…for various reasons…but I’m gonna break my own rules for a moment and say how awesome Bro Mike’s lesson was tonight on adversity.  I guess that was the official topic, but if it wasn’t, that was what I got out of it… 

Anyway.  He brought some points about Paul and Silas in prison that I’d never really seen before.  Yeah, we always talk about how they were facing serious persecution and they sang and prayed in prison and the jailer was saved, but he talked about how God opened the prison and the earthquake released them.  Most of us would see that as a sign from God and a door to the exit and leave.  BUT THEY STAYED.  Because God wanted to save the jailer and his family.  The jailer was ready to commit suicide because the adversity he was facing by failing to keep the prisoners contained was too much for him.  But Paul and Silas, by staying and showing Christ in the middle of ADVERSITY instead of just walking away when the opportunity presented itself, were able to lead the jailer to Christ (giving hope instead of despair).  And not only that, they must have had some kind of impression on the other prisoners from that ONE NIGHT in jail together, that THEY didn’t leave either. 

Shoo…all I can say is, Lord, help me. 

I don’t like adversity.  I like the earthquake to open the door for me to exit.  And I don’t always have the right attitude when I’m in the middle of it either…that is TOUGH.  Lord, help me!

This song came to mind…one of my favorites:

There is hope, so hold on, there is hope
God has sent me here to tell you, there is hope
And He knows just what you’re going through and what the future holds
As long as Jesus lives, there is Hope!


PS in regards to yesterday’s post on revenge, i really don’t have a bad attitude about that…i’m seriously trying not to do anything to provoke mr grouchy neighbor…but you know that part about what would probably happen this morning when i went to the bus stop?  well, I let my mother-in-law walk munchkin to the bus this morning (me and the dogs stayed home)….lol…i wasn’t trying to exit adversity though…HONEST!  =)


  1. i love that view of the store, sometimes we have to stay put in the hard spot to be JESUS for other people to see.

  2. that was an awesome lesson. i've thought about it so many times since then. dave mentioned things in that text that i don't think i've ever noticed before. i love it when that happens. you leave inspired. and i just LOVE when the Lord uses my hubby to do cool things like that. it's definitely out of his comfort zone but.... he still rocks. God is good. :o)

    love you chicka


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