Thursday, August 05, 2010

Jumping In Spot

Hmm…where do I start?  So much to say, so little time.  ;-) 

The hubby is snoozing on a pillow next to me, which is kinda interfering with my typing abilities…but that’s okay, because I like him being close…especially after spending like a whole week five states apart.  LOL. 

But it is giving me a bit of a cramp, so I better get busy on this post before I get tired and quit.  LOL. 

Well, I have some really good news but I’m gonna save it for a separate post.  =)  So let’s see…for this post, how bout those Ohio trip pictures I promised a few weeks back?  I got so busy when we got back that I didn’t get a chance to get to them before leaving again.  (And for the record, I’m still busy, but it stormed here today so I got some good unplugged time on the couch, which was a perfect time to edit and websize a few batches of pictures.  LOL.) zooeditweb  

That first pic above was a shot that we had a zoo employee snap for us on our way out of the zoo.  It was taken at the front gates but I liked the sign better for the background, so I cut and pasted a bit and came up with this one.  I think it looks pretty natural.  LOL.  The pics on the right are the rest of the zoo shots.  =)  We had such a good time with B, K, & Co.  =)  Our kids got along really well together, too, which is always nice.  ;-)  This was the first time we’d gotten together with them in like four years.  Last time, we had no kids and they had one baby.  It was like we never lost touch though, it’s awesome to have friends like that.  IMG_7403eweb

Next up is Aunt A (KC’s sis)…we got together with her on Saturday morning while we were up in Ohio and spent all day with her.  It was so great to get to spend a little bit of time with her again.  It was the first time our kids had met her and they were instantly enamored!  All day long…”I don’t want your hand, mom, I want Aunt A’s hand!”  Well.  Okay then.  LOL.  It was cool though, they had a really good time and so did the rest of us.  KC and A’s aunt Goo also went with us, which was fun, too…

Goo is short for Goofy, by the way.  LOL!  JUST KIDDING!  (haha)  Actually, I think the story goes (and you can correct me if I’m wrong, Aunt G), KC created the nickname for her when he was a little guy because he couldn’t say her real name.  LOL.  And then it stuck.  =)  Leave it to my hubby.  ;-) 

Anyway, here’s the rest of the pictures from our trip to CoSi on Saturday and then at Grandma’s house on Sunday morning right before we headed home. 

And that concludes Ohio.  Now for the OTHER zillion things that need to be updated.  =)


  1. Hmmmm...those places look very familiar. :o) (So do the peeps.)

  2. Aunt A8:57 PM

    The name "Goo" was actually coined by her sister, Chrissy. She couldn't say "Lew" and it became "Goo". Things like this are cute when they are babies, but they sure stick!

  3. LOL...I knew it was somebody who couldn't say it right...thought it was KC but thanks for clearing that up. ;-)

  4. Cool! Nice memories!

  5. love the pictures! mike, the boys and i went to cosi with family the last time we went to OH. it was super cool. the boys loved it!

  6. It's funny, Goo is the only name I've ever known her by. It was good to "see" A, it's been years!


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