Friday, July 30, 2010


I wonder if I can call this week without internet a “fast” if it wasn’t really by choice?  LOL.  Probably not, but I know I’m sure ready to have internet back.  So tempted actually, that the idea of going out in Grandma’s driveway right now, at 10:21 pm, in my jammies, to see if there is any way I could catch some hint of access…well, we’ll just say that sounds like such a good idea right now.  LOL. 

You’ll be pleased to know that I am resisting.  (Mother, you can breathe again, first of all because by the time this posts, the moment is long past, and second of all, I’m not going to sit out on the street in the dark in the middle of NY, even though my sheriff cousin DOES live like 2 doors down, LOL).  ;-) 

This has nothing to do with personal safety and much more to do with the fact that I let my battery get too low on my computer and now I’m sorta restricted to the kitchen table since that’s the only outlet in the house that fits a three prong plug.  LOL. 

Oh well.  I’m sure nothing is going on in the internet world of you peeps.  Not that I would know…haven’t been online since I drove by Wegman’s the other day to post that last update.  *sigh*  I’m not twitching….much.  ;-) 

IMG_7650eGrandma still worries me.  I wasn’t used to it at first because last time I was up here, she wasn’t anywhere NEAR this bad, and even though I’ve kinda gotten used to how she is now, I still feel bad for her.  It’s so sad. 

Uncle M got back from his camping trip with my cousin on Wednesday night, so last night my aunt and uncle came over to hang out for awhile.  They ate here and my uncle mowed Grandma’s yard.  Sheriff cousin came over for a little while, too, which was cool.  I’ve been really bad with taking pictures, so I don’t have any from last night…which is not cool.  *sigh*  Anyway.

IMG_7639ewebToday we went and got my uncle and went out on the hunt for yard sales.  I got my camera out today.  LOL.  That was cool.   

This one yard sale we stopped at, I didn’t even get out….I told Uncle M that MV (my friend that got roped into coming with me to help me drive), K-man, and I would wait for him in the car because it was a MAN YARD SALE.  LOL.  So I sat in the car and took a picture.  LOL.  My uncle is over in the middle of all that guy goodness.  LOL.  Tools, gadgets, and guns.  Not my cup of tea.  Hahah.  I did find a few things at other yard sales, but I was so picky that I didn’t get much.  ;-)  Oh well.  IMG_7642eweb

Then Uncle M took us to this little pizza joint in Fairport.  They had great food…my favorite part though, was this Proverbi Italiani on the wall over our table. 

I don’t know if you can read any of those or not, but they’re pretty good…haha…

the best one:

Nulla si fa senza volonta!  

These Italians…they so smart.  ;-)  ;-)

And then, before I hop off for the night to finish getting my stuff together to get ready to leave in the morning (can’t believe the week is already over!?!), here’s one last picture I took of MV at the park earlier this week when we took K-man out to burn off some of his energy.  (You know, watching musicals in grandma’s living room just doesn’t burn off too much of little boy energy.  lololol)


      Looks like she’s walking in the treetops or something.  LOL. 

And on that note….goodnight.  *twitch* ;-)


  1. Glad you had fun. You'll never regret the memories you made with your g-ma. It'll be a source of happiness to you in years to come.

    I think I'd skip the manly yard sales, too... and save my energy for the "good" kind.

    Oh and I love that little lady at the bottom of your post!!!!

  2. Glad your back!
    I missed you.
    I am very glad to have my girl back too!
    Love you, her and the picture!

  3. LOL it wasnt just him that was burning off energy! That was fun though bestie thanks for taking me along :) Love ya bunches.


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